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Friday, April 28, 2017

17W1 – Noble Place (LB)
17W3 – The Florence (LB)
17W4 – Uptown Parksuites (LB)

3 Universities Designed A Complete Fashion Collection Out Of Sustainable Materials

Every year, the Aboitiz Group snags in the most innovative design and fashion students to hold the annual Aboitiz Green Fashion Revolution in celebration...

10 Fashion Standouts in Manila FAME 2017

Every year, Manila FAME showcases homegrown and unique aesthetic that stays true to the excellence of Filipino when it comes to design. This year,...

Alabang Town Center And Preview Magazine Open “The Editor’s Closet”

You can now have a closet of an editor as Alabang Town Center and Preview Magazine open "The Editor's Closet". Read more here: Alabang Town...

Barbed Wire Brows Is The Latest Brow Trend You’re Not Ready For

We've all heard of the mind-boggling feather brow trend not long ago, and we thought that we've seen enough uniqueness to what one can...


17W3 – The Florence (Rec) v1
17W4 – Uptown Parksuites (Rec) v1
17W1 – Noble Place (Rec) v1


A Filipina International Designer Dedicated Her Designs To The LGBT Community

The LGBT community has been making strides in fighting for their rights the past year, it has become an act that has knitted friends...

Furnelas Are The Next Chicest Slipper-Sandals

Remember the well-loved and well-loved furry slides that Rihanna released last year? It created a racket of noise online because of the daring take....

Check Out These Waterproof Bags Perfect For Your Island-Hopping Escapades

Drybags are highly in-demand this season, not only can you stuff just about everything in it, the fact that it's waterproof means you can...

People Need To Give First-Time Moms A Break

In a lifetime, a woman who chooses to marry and have a family of her own, will go through more changes than a chameleon...


5 Tinted Moisturizers and Sunscreens You Can Bring To The Beach

Everyone hates wearing makeup to the beach, because for obvious reasons, unless it's waterproof, your work of art will be slipping and sliding off...

4 Reasons Why Julia and Erich Are #BFFGoals

Every girl's dream is to have the ultimate BFF, because in whatever one does, it's always better to have someone who loves the same...

L’Oreal Is Sending Three Visayan Students To Paris

For 25 years, L'Oreal Philippines hosts its annual L'Oreal Brandstorm, an event that encourages students around the country to think of an innovative campaign...

8 Signs You’re The Ultimate Hugot Queen

Gone are the days of banats because now is the time for hugots. Hugot, as we all know, was made famous by the brokenhearted...


17W4 – Uptown Parksuites (Rec) v2
17W1 – Noble Place (Rec) v2
17W3 – The Florence (Rec) v2