Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Students Highlight Sustainable And Innovative Housing Solutions For Filipino Families

Architectural innovation meets sustainability as a local property developer recognizes top housing proposals from young college students.

Victorias City Goes Car-Free Every First Monday Of Each Month

Victorias City goes car-free! Say goodbye to air pollution and hello to a healthier, greener environment every first Monday of the month.

Church, NGO Seek Tougher Laws To Protect Verde Island Passage

The Catholic Church and environmental non-government organizations unite, urging stricter laws to safeguard Verde Island Passage’s ecological riches.

CCC To Real Estate Industry: Embrace Green Practices

Climate Change Commission highlights the urgent need for climate-smart housing to protect lives, livelihoods, and the future of millions of Filipinos.

DFA Reaffirms Commitment Vs. Marine Pollution

The Philippines takes a stand against marine pollution, paving the way for a greener shipping industry and a sustainable future for the country’s oceans.

Student-Innovators Recognized In Sustainable Ergonomics Product Design Competition

Young innovators compete to design sustainable solutions for a greener future in the GAIA Economics Product Design Competition.

FBM Foundation Promotes Sustainability At Masungi Georeserve In Green Initiative

FBM Foundation leads the way to a greener future with a successful tree-planting initiative at Masungi Georeserve.

DENR Opens First E-Waste Materials Recovery Facility Outside NCR

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources unveiled the first e-waste facility outside NCR, marking a milestone in sustainable waste management and climate change mitigation.

Baguio Residents Urged To Help Government Save Funds On Waste Management

Baguio City calls for residents’ help in waste management to save costs and redirect funds for community benefits.

DA Steps Up Bamboo Planting Advocacy In Eastern Visayas

Planting bamboo to combat climate change! The Department of Agriculture leads the way in celebrating Philippine Bamboo Month this September.

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