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PAGEONE Group Imparts PR Expertise With Silliman Students


PAGEONE Group Imparts PR Expertise With Silliman Students


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PAGEONE Group, the most-awarded PR agency in the Philippines, was selected by Silliman University, together with their communication students, to ponder various insights on public relations during their study tour as they consider media agencies as media practitioners.

On April 19, PAGEONE Group’s multi-awarded Chairman, Ron Jabal, took the lead as he introduced the company’s vision, recognition, and achievements over the years to the Communication students as they ventured out into a course with a wide variety of choices.

Emphasizing their roles as communication students, the chairman pointed out various strategies they can utilize in writing, even the significance of research, and how they should remember that as communicators, they must value service to the audience.

As the chairman highlighted the company’s strengths, he also mentioned the expertise of each company under PAGEONE Group, which impacts the public relations agency. In this way, students might grapple with concepts of how the agency works and how it continues to persevere for years.

“Seeing the young generation dive into the media makes my heart even more passionate to inspire and influence them with the knowledge that I have. I am delighted to see new communicators choosing these paths that can truly make a difference,” Chairman Ron Jabal stated.

“As you embark on your journey into the dynamic world of media and communication, remember your power to shape perspectives, influence opinions, and ignite change. Your work can spark change—use it wisely,” Chairman Ron Jabal told students.

The students were given a chance to ask various questions to PAGEONE Group’s President, Vonj Tingson, about the challenges and strategies a media practitioner would face in the long run.

This unique gathering brings great joy to PAGEONE Group as they meet these aspiring media professionals, who will undoubtedly share their outstanding talents in the future.