Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Nature’s Comforting Touch: Discover The Soothing Power Of Cica In Baby’s Delicate Skin

Tiny red patches? Let Cica bring calm to your baby’s skin journey.

PCMC’s New MRI, CT Scanners Boost Health Services For Filipino Kids

New MRI and CT scanners at PCMC in Quezon City enhance healthcare for Filipino children, say senators.

Study Identifies Microplastics In Brain Cells

Turkish scientists discovered microplastics in brain cells, sparking research on their potential role in Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and cerebral hemorrhage.

7 Ways To Prevent Catching ‘Walking Pneumonia’

Mark yourself safe with good hygiene and good habits! Learn about ‘walking pneumonia’ and seven ways to prevent catching it this holiday season.

6 Ways To Get Away With Flu This Season

Protect yourself and others! Prevent flu spread with simple steps, stay safe, and keep loved ones healthy this season.

Japan Develops ‘Toregem,’ World’s First Medicine To Grow New Teeth

You’re never fully dressed without a big smile! To be able to flex that beautiful smile, a Japanese company unveiled its newly invented medicine to grow full teeth.

Caloocan LGU Joins Forces With Nestle, Empowering Health And Nutrition Among Families

Fostering Filipino family health, the Caloocan City government and Nestle team up for the ‘Family Wellness Festival,’ strengthening community bonds.

Maxicare And Southstar Drug Conduct A Fun Run, Promoting Healthier Lifestyle

Maxicare and Southstar Drug conduct their role as health navigators by launching a fun run, encouraging Filipinos to embrace active lifestyles for better well-being.

Embryo Freezing: What Is It And How Does It Help In The Pregnancy Process

Following Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo’s pregnancy story, here is a guide to what you need to know about “frozen embryos.”

Fried Potatoes Can Cause Anxiety And Depression, According To Studies

If you’re a fan of fried foods such as fried potatoes, experts advise you to consume them moderately as they can cause depression and anxiety.