Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mark Zuckerberg Becomes Unrecognizable In A Viral Edited Photo


Mark Zuckerberg Becomes Unrecognizable In A Viral Edited Photo


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Meta’s CEO did not expect that after sharing a video of himself announcing the new version of Meta AI, would go viral for an entirely different reason.

Netizens seem to have forgotten about what is the true intention of Zuckerberg’s video after an X (formerly known as Twitter) user, Mike Rundle (@flyosity), edited a beard and mustache in a captured snapshot of Zuckerberg, then shared it on the platform.

The original post garnered millions of views, and was reposted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Instagram, posting a side-by-side before and after photos, where Mark Zuckerberg himself commented, “Okay who did this?”

When people found out that the beard was in fact, fake, they took to the comment section to urge the Meta CEO to grow a beard.

“He should really try out this look,” one commenter said.

Apart from the ‘fake’ beard, netizens also took note of Zuckerberg’s dapper chain, which is not edited or added to the photo.

Even Zuckerberg’s wife, philanthropist and former pediatrician, Priscilla Chan, joined in the craze, sharing the edited photo on her Instagram and captioned, “Anyone seen my husband???” and adding, “And who is this guy?”

The founder also got on with the discussion of growing a beard and posted a now expired Instagram story of a photo of a razor alongside a thinking face emoji, and soundtrack by Jack Harlow’s, “They Don’t Love It.” pertaining to his regular clean-shaven face.

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