Saturday, December 9, 2023

Recent Studies Prove That Moderate Drinking Does Not Save You From Diseases


Recent Studies Prove That Moderate Drinking Does Not Save You From Diseases

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Opposing the studies released over decades, new research reveals that moderate drinking is also not good for health and should not be sugarcoated to individuals.

In previous studies, moderate drinking or a small intake of alcohol was disclosed to increase the good cholesterol in the body, which reduces the risks of heart disease, ischemic stroke, and even diabetes.

But this was recently slammed as being misleading as the American College of Cardiology released its new discovery about moderate drinking.

In the said study, they found out that any intake of alcohol, whether heavy or moderate, can still deliver serious health illnesses to a person, such as cancer and heart disease.

With this, they have clarified what some clinicians disclosed before, stating that moderate alcohol drinkers are more likely to live longer than non-alcohol drinkers is not true and has a false basis.

Taking a closer look at these prior studies, they have found out that the “non-alcohol drinkers” that were used to compare to “moderate drinkers” were those who have a history of heavy alcohol consumption, which tweaked the results of these studies.

Also, they have discovered that some of these studies were manipulated by a few alcohol companies to benefit their businesses.

With this, international research emphasized that “low daily alcohol intake gives neither harm nor benefit,” as there are also risks of mortality for those who have low levels of daily alcohol intake.

This was then supported by the United States Department of Agriculture, which stated that some types of cancer can be caused or increased by low levels of alcohol consumption, including for those who take fewer than two drinks a day.

Following this recent discovery, foreign experts suggested that individuals should be alerted to this new research and try to not consume alcohol to have a healthier lifestyle.


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