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Caloocan LGU Joins Forces With Nestle, Empowering Health And Nutrition Among Families


Caloocan LGU Joins Forces With Nestle, Empowering Health And Nutrition Among Families

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Promoting good health among Filipino families, especially among its constituents, the Caloocan local government collaborates with Nestle in launching the “Family Wellness Festival.”

On August 20, Nestle opens the third leg of its wellness festival, showcasing different brands in Caloocan, as led by Mayor Along Malapitan, whose priority is to provide assistance to families in the city.

“Ang activity na ito ay hindi lang to address health and nutrition, pero pati yung family mismo. Mula sa mga nanay, tatay, at anak kasama dito. Nagkakaroon sila ng time sa isa’t-isa,” Mayor Malapitan said.

Mayor Along admitted to seeing the opportunity in launching this kind of activity to bring families closer as they enjoy the booths and monitor their health through free consultations during the event.

“[This event] yung overall na nagrepresent sa mga family-centric activities na meron kami sa Caloocan. Isang malakhang activity ang nagawa namin na tumulong samin para makatipid ng pondo at oras,” the Caloocan City Mayor said.

During the event, the Caloocan mayor expressed his gratitude to Nestle for choosing their city to conduct such an event, which gathered more than thousands of individuals from different barangays.

Considering this kind of program, Mayor Along also highlighted its other family-centric programs in the city, showing its focus on creating a healthy environment for its family constituents.

Some of these activities involve Kids Camp, wherein they launch inflatables for children to play, Family Day, which offers fairs and medical services, and counseling for both parents and children to help the families in the city.

Based on these programs, the Caloocan local government unit disclosed that these initiatives had been a big help in addressing primary health matters in the city, not only in terms of physical aspects but also mental health.

Following the success of the event between Nestle and the Caloocan City government, Mayor Along shared his enthusiasm to conduct more programs in the future as he personally observed the effectiveness of this initiative in bringing families together to address nutrition and health.

Nestle’s ‘Family Wellness Festival’ was first conducted in Quezon City, followed by its event in Makati, also in partnership with its local government units. Nestle disclosed that this program was made not only to give a heads-up to the localities about health and wellness but also to encourage regional government units to take action in addressing the nutrition of Filipinos by starting off with families from different cities.

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