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Top 6 Must-Watch Thai BL Series In 2021

Top 6 Must-Watch Thai BL Series In 2021


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The Boys Love (BL) series have been such a big hit for the past few years especially those originating in Thailand. Dramas like 2gether: The Series, ex, ex are great examples. There’s no denying the influence they brought to the industry as even non-BL fans have been enjoying them. Moreover, they provided a great contribution to breaking the mainstream romances that we see in films that are all about heterosexual relationships.

It looks like the craze will not stop just yet. So, sit back and ready your hearts out as we run you down the most anticipated BL series in the 2nd half of 2021.


KinnPorsche (2021)

KinnPorsche follows the story of Kinn Anakkin, the second son of a mafia, as he goes on the run from an enemy who assaulted him. He, later on, meets Porsche Pitchaya, a young student who works as a part-time waiter, as he tries to escape the delinquents. Porsche helped Kinn to escape with his outstanding martial arts skills which surprised Kinn. He, later on, made a deal with Porsche to become his own bodyguard in which he accepted. Porsche now has to deal with several unexpected events as he works with Kinn along with the growing intimacy the two of them began to share.


Enchanté (2021)

Theo comes back to Thailand to study at his father’s school after living in France. He met Ak who became his friend as he adjusted to the new foreign environment for him. Theo stumbles upon a book in the library. The writer greeted him with a written “Enchanté,” meaning nice to meet you in French, on the book. He was curious as to who the Enchanté guy was. Later on, four guys came in, claiming that they were the Enchanté guy. Theo now has to find out who the real one is.


Bite Me (2021)

Chef Eua thirsts to become the master chef but he never wins to the reigning master. He meets a boy named Ake, who he thought was just an ordinary delivery boy, as he tries to figure out what he’s lacking as a chef. It turns out that Ake was an outstanding cook which surprised Eua.


Bad Buddy (2021)

Pran and Pat’s fathers have been rivals for eternity. They always find themselves competing against one another, trying to surpass the other. Their sons weren’t an exception as they would always compare their sons’ achievements with each other resulting from a rivalry between the two boys as well. Later on, Pran and Pat grew tired of the unending rivalry and became close friends. They had to hide the fact that they are already close friends with their fathers. However, a secret friendship could be such a dangerous relationship especially when the lingering intimacy grows.


Not Me (2021)

White wanted to seek revenge for his twin brother Black when he was hospitalized after being attacked by one of his close friends, as he thought. He disguises as Black to find out the traitor among his friends Sean, Gram, and Yok.


Baker Boys (2021)

There’s a famous bakery in town run by 4 boys – Punn the owner and son of a billionaire, Weir the god of pastries, Krathing a rising boxing star who cannot go to the boxing ring again, and Pooh who is also Punn’s bodyguard. With their admirable personalities and looks, the store became a hit to everyone especially the ladies even though some weren’t really attracted to women at all. Later on, a case of missing children bombarded everyone and the last place they visited was the bakery of the 4 men. In an effort to figure out the culprit, reporter Jamie takes action in uncovering the mystery behind the hit shop.

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