Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Emborg’s Nutritious And Flavor Picks Are Now Available On Shopee At Discounted Prices!

Emborg’s Nutritious And Flavor Picks Are Now Available On Shopee At Discounted Prices!


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Cooking has always been a part of people’s everyday lives. So, serving quality dishes for your families is a must! If the chef of the house wants to bring out the best with his meals, he would not just rely on low-quality ingredients but opt for high-quality ones that are accessible anytime!

Emborg has always been in the market to extend their passion for tasty meals to families. It offers natural, nutritious, and flavourful food products.It is now also closer to your doorstep because shopee made it possible! You can now check-out products starting from dairy products up to frozen vegetables and berries, and now as well as in plant-based products!

The Discount vouchers are also available and get a 225 pesos discount for a minimum purchase of 2,250 pesos with up to 100 pesos shipping discount vouchers! You have to look forward to these amazing exclusive deals on Emborg’s grand launch on July 2 and save up to 12% off:

1. Emborg Butter – Unsalted

Do you like some buttered cookies for snacks and butter based sauce for dinner? No worries because the Emborg Unsalted Butter is the best option for you! It is made from European churned cream and has a rich and pure butter taste, perfect for sweet or savory recipes!

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2. Emborg Cheddar Natural Slices

What would go wrong with the famous cheese in the world一cheddar! Emborg Cheddar Natural Slices have a sweet, rich and buttery flavor. These slices can be easily added to your sandwiches and level up its taste. It is made from fresh European milk and contains important nutrients like calcium and protein.

Get this for less with your Emborg store vouchers at

3. Emborg US Cream Cheese Cup

Hard and cold cream cheese blocks are a hassle every time you need to cook. So, the Emborg American Cream Cheese now comes in a convenient cup for easy everyday spreading! It can be easily stored in your refrigerator. It is produced in the US using the original American Cream Cheese recipe and it has a delicious flavor and creamy texture – which makes it ideal to serve cold as a spread and even perfect for cheesecakes, dips or sauces.

Get this for less with your Emborg store vouchers at

4. Emborg Shredded Mozzarella

Did anybody say add more cheese? Shredded mozzarella is very convenient to use especially when you top it in your meals ready for baking. The Emborg Shredded Mozzarella has a smooth and creamy texture and its fantastic stretch makes it excellent for homemade pizzas and classic kinds of pasta!

Get this for less with your Emborg store vouchers at

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