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Nokia’s Legendary 6310 Is Back

Nokia’s Legendary 6310 Is Back


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One of Nokia’s brick phones has returned, and it brings back the original but with modern technology.

90’s kids are in nostalgia when Nokia announced, Tuesday, July 27, the newest version of their most popular phone initially released in 2001, featuring a wider screen reimagined with purpose.

Nokia’s new model of 6310 is back, developed, and still prides itself on its familiar features, long-lasting battery, and tailored for your everyday experience. When other cell phone companies develop smartphones, Nokia called and said it’s time to look back.



The keypad feature and the small grip curve-shaped silhouette are a major eye refresher for consumers in a world of touchscreen phones.

To start, the new version of the 6310 bears no resemblance to the old version released almost 20 years ago.

Nokia 6310 is with a tough polycarbonate shell and is in three different colors — black, yellow, and dark green.

With a display size of 2.8 inches, it gives consumers the right amount of view, enabling consumers to conveniently navigate the phone with one hand — and no more eye squinting.

The layout of the keypads is definitely redesigned enabling smooth usage and in playing the newest version of Snake — yes, it’s back.



Nokia is well known for its long battery life. The new Nokia 6310 features 1,150 mAh. Comparatively, Samsung’s SM-B105E runs with an 800 mAh. With that, you can really go weeks between charges.

The new 6310 comes with 16GB RAM, 8MB of internal storage, MicroSD card support up to 32 GB, and is powered by their S30+ operating system.

Bluetooth is of course readily available and a WiFi connection for you to get things done quickly.

It also comes with a 0.3 Megapixel camera slapped at the back together with a flash that doubles as a flashlight.

It also operates with a Dual-Sim card, 4G LTE ready, Unisoc G531F CPU, and a 3.5mm audio jack.



Fm-radio (wired or wireless) for easy access to news and your favorite music.

The Micro USB charger, the iconic removable battery, quick start, and user guide are readily available for use.



The new Nokia 6310 is priced starting at PHP 2,500, available in selected markets globally.

Source: https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_int/nokia-6310/specs

Photo Credit: https://www.nokia.com/

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