10 Palaban Filipina Mythological Characters You Need To Know


The Philippine mythology’s extent when it comes to local mythical creatures, gods and goddesses, and other elements is super wide and diverse. We know that our local myths are not so mainstream right now, but we’re slowly getting there.

In the meantime, get to know these bad-ass Filipina mythological characters that you probably do not know much about. And when you are done, why not tell your friends about the new things that you know about our local legends?

Trust us, these facts are more than awesome enough to share.

1. Bakunawa

This once beautiful but vain sea goddess fell in love with the seven moon gods but got rejected (ouch!). Because of this, she became a sea serpent who devours moons out of hate.

Her known arch-enemy is Haliya (which you’ll also be meeting later on), the masked goddess. One helluva way to deal with heartbreak, am I right?