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Young Pastry Chef Celebrates Christmas Spirit Of Togetherness

Young Pastry Chef Celebrates Christmas Spirit Of Togetherness

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In time for the holidays, enterprising pastry chef Allyza Cepeda, the young creative behind the Champorado-inspired, soju-infused, and 90s candies-themed macarons of Jane Dough Desserts, celebrates the happy feeling of closeness and love with family and friends through her latest confections.

Dubbed Season’s Embrace: A Festive Symphony of Flavors, the collection encapsulates and revels in the joy, excitement, magic and wonder of Christmas time as dear ones gather around in festivity. It features a diverse palette of flavors that dance on the taste buds: Spicy Sikwate, Vanilla Bean, Orange Milk Chocolate, Ruby Strawberry, and Pistachio.

Spicy Sikwate
Vanilla Bean
Orange Milk Chocolate
Ruby Strawberry

Cepeda, who honed her culinary skills at the School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management (SHRIM) of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB), imparted that each macaron was meticulously conceptualized and handcrafted to tell a tale of genuine connection and nurture a sense of belongingness.

“During the pandemic, we were physically unable to comfort our loved ones whether in the form of a touch of a hand, an embrace, or a reassuring shoulder to cry on,” she shared. “We had to be at a distance at every waking moment.”

“Now, we are able to reconnect and have reunions without the worry of being sick again due to a deadly virus,” she added.

Spicy Sikwate elevates the heartwarming cup of tsokolate as it embodies the pure decadence of tablea de cacao reminiscent of Cebu’s very own, combined with the bittersweet spice of Mexican hot cocoa. For this fusion, Cepeda balances the allure of Auro 64 % dark chocolate with a gentle kick of cayenne.

Ideal for those who wish to indulge in silky chocolate with a fruity bliss, the Orange Milk Chocolate brings in an exquisite dash of citrus zest, while Ruby Strawberry delivers the sour smoothness of ripe berries.

For timeless dessert options, the Vanilla Bean envelops the creamy rich Madagascar vanilla in a classic meringue sandwich, while the bestselling Pistachio serves the signature nutty crunch and velvety finish thanks to the freshly roasted and house-made pistachio butter.

To make every bite a heartfelt gesture, Cepeda houses the delicate treats in dainty boxes personalized with equally quaint hang tags.

“Every time we craft something, it is an act of generosity and a way of sharing special times and memories with those we care for,” she stated. “Our boxes are bundles of warmth that spread hugs in a world.”

“This is not just a pack of various tastes,” she beamed. “It is about sharing love, intimacy, and the sensation of being together, overcoming any kind of distance between people.”

Discover more about Cepeda’s creations at https://www.facebook.com/findjanedough.