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Where To Taste The Best Halo-Halo Versions In The Philippines


Where To Taste The Best Halo-Halo Versions In The Philippines


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Nothing can beat halo-halo when it comes to Filipino dessert, which is considered the go-through favorite dessert among Filipinos due to its variety of colorful and flavorful ingredients.

As time passed, its evolution never stopped, as some establishments and provinces gave the halo-halo their own special twist to bring it to an entirely different level.

Since the dry season officially begins, this is the perfect time to beat the scorching heat by trying different versions of halo-halo around the Philippines.

1. Spicy Halo-halo (San Pablo City, Laguna)

Home of the creamiest halo-halo in San Pablo City, Laguna serves halo-halo made of white mashed beans, macapuno, and sweetened bananas that are submerged in a particular gelato ice and topped with langka, leche flan, and ube.

This place is also known for its special halo-halo, serving spicy winter halo-halo with chili, which is an unusual ingredient added to one of their halo-halo variations.

2. Winter Melon Halo-Halo (Pagsanjan, Laguna)

This halo-halo establishment in Pagsanjan, Laguna, has been making hearts happy and satisfying appetites since 1933 for over ninety years of service.

Considering the fact that halo-halo has a variety of flavorful ingredients, this halo-halo service stands out with its simple yet delightful flavors, offering only six ingredients, such as halo-halo red mung beans, white beans, ube, macapuno, and sweetened watermelon. On the other hand, what also stands out is the use of sweetened tumbong ng niyog—the growth that sprouts inside the mature coconut.

3. Pastillas Halo-halo (Arayat, Pampanga)

This halo-halo establishment is considered the pride of Arayat, Pampanga, and stands out with its simple flavors, offering only three ingredients, such as mashed kidney beans, cream corn, and carabao’s milk pastillas locally called ‘halaya,’ making it a delightful one.

Interestingly, from its humble beginnings as a small carinderia to an established name with several branches in Pampanga and one in Quezon City, it serves as a testament to people’s love for this simple yet flavorful recipe.

4. Ice Buko Halo-halo (San Jose, Batangas)

This halo-halo in San Jose, Batangas, is different from the typical halo-halo served in restaurants or on the streets because of its simple combination of ingredients namely macapuno, pinipig, and leche flan. Instead of ordinary ice, they use shavings of iced buko juice in their halo-halo.

Considering its simplicity, this dessert received many compliments from the visitors who tried it and serves as a testament to people’s deeper appreciation, wanting them to return for more.

5. Durian Halo-halo (Davao City)

Due to Durian’s popularity in Davao, they incorporate ingredients such as durian jam and durian ice cream, alongside pinipig and nata de coco, providing an alternative option for those who want to taste durian’s flavor yet are hesitant because of its smell.

6. Fried Halo-halo (San Fernando, La Union)

San Fernando La Union’s Fried Halo-halo is definitely a twist to bring it to an entirely different level, which is made out of sweetened saba, yema pandan, ube, and sticky rice that is deep-fried and wrapped in lumpia wrappers. This kind of halo-halo is also presented along with cherries, cornflakes, and a crown of ube ice cream.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to these extraordinary twists on a refreshing halo-halo adventure this summer. Dive in and explore the unique flavors awaiting you.

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