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What You Need To Know About The Trending AI Yearbook Photos


What You Need To Know About The Trending AI Yearbook Photos


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As the innovation of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to immerse itself in our everyday lives, another trend has gone viral: using technology as a photo editing application creates a wider perspective of pictures for individuals.

Just recently, known personalities shared their generated images using a mobile app, making them look like they are in a yearbook.

Noting this AI Yearbook trend all over social media, here are some things that you need to know.

1. You can do the AI Yearbook trend through the EPIK mobile app

The trending photo editing app was EPIK, which uses the power of artificial intelligence to help an individual refine his or her photos in an easier manner.

EPIK does not only provide the AI yearbook mode but also allows its users to have other editing modes such as enhancing photos, other AI filters, changing backgrounds, color correction, and many more.

On Google Play alone, the said app has over 50 million downloads, with a 4.3-star review noting its convenience when it comes to photo editing.

2. The app requires payment before editing your photo

Yes, the yearbook trend cannot be accessed without paying for the edited or generated photo. The payment method for this app will appear once you access their yearbook mode, wherein you will choose between standard and express.

For standard photos, you will have to pay Php199 and wait for over 24 hours to grab the 60 images that were edited from the app. For express mode, the user needs to pay Php299 and will only have to wait for at least two hours for their 60 images.

These prices were disclosed to be discounted prices, as their previous deals were between Php 299 and Php 499 per 60 images.

The said fee was disclosed by EPIK as a valid thing to do, saying, “Creating an AI Yearbook costs a lot of money, but we wish you a reasonable service.”

After paying the fee, the user can have at least a one-year validity for downloading the generated photos from the mobile app. Hence, withdrawal of the said purchase should be subjected to notice, noting that once a user pays for the fee, the mobile app will automatically generate the AI image.

3. The mobile app provides seamless editing that might edit some of your facial features.

Editing through the use of AI technology was disclosed to have flaws sometimes, and this app has been very open regarding this matter.

Upon opening the mobile app, EPIK mentioned under their ‘tips in generating’ that the results on the images might be different from the submitted photos as they will be used by technology.

Hence, the mobile app requires a person to also provide clear photos to satisfy their expectations once the generated images are shown.

4. You are required to upload eight to 12 selfies

Speaking of photos, the AI Yearbook mode will require a user to provide eight to 12 selfies to generate. Upon choosing which photo a user will provide, the mobile app has guidelines provided.

As discussed through its guidelines, good photos require well-lit and in-focus selfies, raw photos, and photos showing a variety of angles, backgrounds, and expressions.

Aside from these guidelines, the mobile app can also help a user to know if the selected photo is a good or bad photo for generating AI images, as a photo cannot be selected if it doesn’t comply with the said rules.

5. It requires some personal data

Last but certainly not least are the personal details to be provided in the mobile app. With the growth of AI through these mobile applications, the main concern of some is the safety of the details to be provided for this app.

To proceed with the generated AI Yearbook photos, individuals are required to choose their gender, to know what the gender of the generated image is, and of course, to provide personal photos for the technology to be generated.

As this is a concern for many, it was disclosed by EPIK on its mobile application that the details provided by the user, such as the photos for generating, will be deleted immediately from their server after the images were generated.

There is no doubt that the use of AI technology is limitless, just like how this photo editor can bring us back to a vintage-looking yearbook picture in just a span of two to 24 hours.

Hence, in using such technology or applications, we still need to be vigilant and know what the terms and conditions of an app are before trying to use it.

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