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Toughest Phone HONOR X9b 5G Undergoes The Ultra-Tough Trial, Arriving This January 12


Toughest Phone HONOR X9b 5G Undergoes The Ultra-Tough Trial, Arriving This January 12


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The toughest phone of this generation, HONOR X9b 5G underwent various ultra-tough challenges, showing off its endurance compared to other smartphones before its official release to the public this week.

On January 9, HONOR Philippines gathered its media partners to witness the durability and power of its newest smartphone – HONOR X9b 5G through an Ultra Tough Challenge camp.

To give a thrill to its upcoming mighty and tough phone, HONOR Philippines prepared six challenges to test the smartphone: Aim for HONOR, 50-foot drop test, target shooting, power punch test, smash test relay race, and car runover.

During the Aim for HONOR challenge, the participants were tasked with showcasing their archery skills and positioning the HONOR X9b 5G in the bull’s-eye area of the board.

For the 50-foot drop test, guests could see if the toughest smartphone would survive if it fell from a high perspective.

Furthermore, for the power punch test, smash test relay race, and car run-over, the HONOR X9b 5G was tested for different solid and heavy objects, such as smashing on thick tiles, being run over by a heavyweight Hummer, and being punched by the participants.

Out of all these challenges, the smartphone was still able to survive and was still responsive when used.

This has shown how it endured different ultra-tough challenges with its unique features, such as its 120Hz curved AMOLED screen and a micron-sized gap structure to ensure a 360° drop resistance.

The toughest smartphone also comes with a 108 MP main camera, a 5 MP ultra-wide camera, and 3x zoom for high-quality zoomed shots. This is boosted by its ultra-durable battery, which has a capacity of 5800 mAh, promising a worry-free user experience with a full-day battery life.

“HONOR X9b 5G has been proven durable as the device was carefully studied and has undergone three tempering processes, and we are sure that it can surpass the success of its predecessor. Advice for the public though: while we are confident that it will survive intense pressure, intentional dropping and smashing might still cause physical damage to the phone,” said HONOR Philippines Vice President Stephen Cheng.

Other details of the HONOR X9b 5G, such as its price, will be revealed at its upcoming grand launch this January 12.