Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Gatchalian Flags Denial Of Some Qualified Students To Free College

Senator Win Gatchalian raised that some students who already passed admission exams end up not enrolling because of the limited capacities of State Universities and Colleges.

Gatchalian Mulls Constitutional Amendment Mandating ‘Tandem Vote’ For President, VP

Senator Win Gatchalian is mulling to file a bill mandating a “tandem vote” for presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

Gatchalian On National Children’s Month: Uphold Children’s Welfare In Pandemic Recovery

Senator Win Gatchalian pressed the need to ensure that COVID-19 recovery efforts will uphold the rights and welfare of children in celebration of the National Children’s Month.

Gatchalian’s World Teachers’ Day Message: Uphold Safety, Welfare Of Education Frontliners

Senator Win Gatchalian reiterates his call to uphold the welfare and safety of the country's education frontliners amid the ongoing pandemic.

Gatchalian: More Working Parents Should Be Able To Return To Work As Schools Reopen

Senator Win Gatchalian urged the Inter-Agency Task Force to carefully consider easing quarantine restrictions to pave the way for the resumption of many business operations, following the government's decision to open classes.

Mobile Number Portability; Gatchalian Bats For Privacy Of Subscribers’ Data

Senator Win Gatchalian urged concerned agencies to ensure the promotion of subscribers' welfare and protect them against public exposure of mobile numbers as they roll out the implementation of the Mobile Number Portability Act.

Gatchalian: Let’s Unburden Professionals Of Costly Seminars, Trainings

Senator Win Gatchalian pushed for the affordability and practicality of the training programs required for the millions of registered professionals to ease the burden of the next renewal of their licenses in the country.

Gatchalian Commends DOE’s Promotion Of WTE As RE; Pushes Waste-To-Energy Act Anew

Senator Win Gatchalian expresses support for the Department of Energy's move in advancing the promotion and enhancement of the development of Waste-To-Energy facilities in the country.

Gatchalian Reiterates Push For ‘Zero Illiteracy’ On International Literacy Day

During the observance of International Literacy Day on September 8, Senator Win Gatchalian has addressed the learning losses of Filipino students resulting from school closures.

Gatchalian Wants Immediate Financial Aid For COVID-19 Treatment Of Teachers, Staff

Senator Win Gatchalian calls for the national government to uphold the welfare of teachers, especially those falling ill with COVID-19.

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