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Sofia Pablo: A Jele Beautie For Every Season


Sofia Pablo: A Jele Beautie For Every Season


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The Philippines’ blazing summer may be over, but the next generation’s leading lady, Sofia Pablo is ready for the rainy season with Jele Beautie by her side! This #1 low-calorie, high-in-vitamin jelly juice drink from Thailand keeps Sofia’s skin healthy, glowing, and fit on set, no matter the weather.

Sofia ensures her daily dose of immunity-boosting vitamins with Jele Beautie as she prepares her body for numerous tapings and upcoming shows. She also loves sharing this refreshing and low-calorie drink with friends and colleagues to conquer the day.

Look Good and Feel Good

Between breaks, Sofia sips Jele Beautie Strawberry, packed with collagen, perfect for maintaining her radiant skin throughout the day, which is crucial for an actress like her.

As a leading actress, Sofia prioritizes staying physically fit despite tiring shoots and activities. Jele Beautie’s L-Carnitine drink helps boost her body’s circulation to burn fat, while its Vitamin C content strengthens her immune system for sustained activity during tapings.

During the rainy season, illnesses are more likely to spread. Fortunately, Sofia has a shield against these infections by enjoying Jele Beautie’s Grape jelly juice drink. With a powerful blend of vitamins A, C, and E, this drink prevents cell damage, sudden infections, and even acne for healthier skin.

Speaking of healthy skin, another of Sofia’s secrets is Jele Beautie’s Apple drink – a low-calorie and vitamin-rich beverage that helps maintain youthful-looking skin. This ingredient also improves Sofia’s sleep quality, resulting in healthier skin and fewer breakouts. Studies show that zinc is also ideal for filtering UV rays, which can significantly dry out the skin and cause acne, especially when Sofia is outdoors for shoots or tapings.

As a leading actress with a demanding schedule, Sofia needs something to combat stress and boost her mood consistently. Thankfully, Jele Beautie Blackcurrant comes to the rescue with its refreshing flavor and high vitamin content. This drink is packed with vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, and Vitamin C, known to improve mood, promote heart health, and enhance nervous system function.

Being a star means hectic schedules and long filming days, and Sofia tackles these activities with focus and precision, thanks to Jele Beautie Acai Berry. This guilt-free drink boasts nutrients that can help keep her eyesight sharp, allowing her to deliver her best performances on camera.

Grab Your Own Jele Beautie Drink!

Why wait? Beat the summer heat and rainy season infections by grabbing your own Jele Beautie drink at your nearest 7-Eleven stores nationwide! Restock now for your Daily Jele Habit while supplies last. This delicious drink is also available at Robinsons Supermarket, Puregold, Watsons, SM Stores, and other leading outlets nationwide.

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