Saturday, December 9, 2023

PAGEONE Socials Celebrates Halloween Season With “Oka Tokat”


PAGEONE Socials Celebrates Halloween Season With “Oka Tokat”

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Unleashing the creativity of its employees when it comes to having thrilling and spooky costumes, PAGEONE Socials recently celebrated the Halloween season with “Oka Tokat.”

On October 27, PAGEONE gathered all of its employees to give for its Halloween special celebration that was filled with fun and exciting activities.

At the start of the event, PAGEONE employees have already catered to their creativity when it comes to their costumes, which comply with the Filipino movie theme of the Halloween celebration.

The program started with a runway for the employees, showing off their spooky costumes that were judged by three judges.

After the runway, the employees were designated to present their prepared short skit inspired by a Filipino movie that was chosen by the different PAGEONE teams. The performances were judged based on their creativity and compliance with the scene that was chosen to be portrayed by the teams.

The excitement was not yet done after the performances, as thrilling games were also given during the event, such as Mummy Toilet Paper, wherein the employees were tasked with wrapping their teammate with two rolls of toilet paper to make them look like a mummy.

At the event, PAGEONE’s President Vonj Tingson and Chairman Ron Jabal were also present virtually to show their support and have fun with their employees, even though they were traveling overseas.

“This event not only unleashed the creativity of the employees but also created a strong bond between the individuals in this company. May this kind of event grow more in the future, as it will also enhance the skills of each employee. Fun at work defines agency life on PAGEONE,” Vonj Tingson said.

Complementing the efforts and dedication of its employees, from their costumes up to the games, they were awarded cash prizes of up to PHP 100,000. Each team and individual were given prizes, making the Halloween celebration more remarkable.

For more information about PAGEONE and its commitment to organizing your employee engagement program, please visit and join its official Facebook page:

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