Friday, December 8, 2023

Instagram Expands Its ‘Close Friends’ Feature To Users’ Main Feed


Instagram Expands Its ‘Close Friends’ Feature To Users’ Main Feed

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Instagram launched its newest updates for its users to be more organized when it comes to their feed with its expansion of its “close friends” feature.

On November 15, Instagram finally announced its “close friends” feature after alleged testing in September.

This update will let the users have control over their audience, as they can dictate the circle of followers who can see their posts on their main feed, not just on their Instagram stories.

Other than controlling their audience, this update can also help to make the feed of the users more organized, as the designated audience can only see their posts. Instagram has implemented such an innovation to its mobile application to unleash the authentic self of its users by giving them choices of who can see their content.

“We know our community already uses Close Friends as a pressure-free space to connect with the people that matter most,” Instagram disclosed.

Besides Instagram posts and stories, users can also share their Instagram notes on chosen people with its “close friends” features, which was also seen by enthusiasts as an effective method for creators to potentially monetize their exclusive Instagram content.

The said update was just in time after X, a former Twitter user, announced that they would close down their “circle” feature in October, which has the same feature as Instagram’s “close friends” mark.

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