Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Drink & Dine

The Rains Are Here: Time For Energizing Mocktails!

A Filipino mixologist shared different recipes for doing mocktails, perfect for the rainy season!

Refreshing Mocktails Before Summer Ends

Before the summer season ends, enjoy these energizing drinks by a Filipino expert mixologist.

Buena Komida: Sharing Heirloom Recipes With The World

If you're traveling to Ilocos Norte, you should visit their must-try restaurant that serves heirloom recipes with an Ilocano twist.

Peanut Butter Debate: Is It Solid Or Liquid?

Recently, an international transportation security administration announced that they will prohibit peanut butter exceeding 3.4 ounces in airports because it is now considered to be liquid.

Singapore’s Tung Lok Seafood Opens First Branch In Philippines

Singapore's known restaurant Tung Lok Seafood opened its first brand in the Philippines, showcasing their mouthwatering signature dishes.

Orange Foliage Emulated In Autumn Recipe

Fall can still be experienced even in our country and inside your kitchen with these Autumn recipes.

Little Taj: Bringing Modern India To Life In Boracay

If you want to experience the vibes in India without necessarily leaving the country, this restaurant in Boracay is perfect for your next trip!

Feel The Paris Vibes With These ‘Emily In Paris’ Themed Starbucks Collectibles

If you’re hooked up with the “Emily in Paris” series, it’s your time to go to the nearest Starbucks store because their latest merch is made for you!

Be A Kid For A Day And Eat These Popular Childhood Snacks From The ’90s

Do you still recall those OG foodie snacks from your childhood? Some are still available in the supermarkets and online!

Muchos—Much, Many, A Lot Of

Muchos continues to operate in Boracay by serving diverse menu of foods and performing creative gimmicks.