Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Recent Studies Prove That Moderate Drinking Does Not Save You From Diseases

If you’re thinking that a small intake of alcohol cannot harm your lifestyle, then think again, because recent studies discovered that any alcohol intake can increase serious health risks.

Experts Unveils Five Tips Towards Self-Care

After a long day, take a break and check on yourself, following the experts’ perspective on self-care.

Health Check: Am I Just Feeling Lazy Or Depressed?

Feeling a little tired lately? Take a break and check how's your mental health doing.

Severance And Its Harrowing Take On Work-Life Balance

Complete severance between personal and work life is the ultimate work life balance.

Regular Donors Offer Blood To Give Back, Stay Healthy

Make a difference! Regular blood donors are the unsung heroes of the Philippines' blood supply.

Monkeypox Outbreaks: Here’s What You Need To Know So Far

What is Monkeypox? Everything you need to know about this disease, including its origin, is here.

Spain To Offer Three-Day Menstrual Leave Every Month

Spain is proposing allowing women to take three days off work per month for severe menstrual pain, making it the first Western country to offer such a benefit.

Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy’s Personalized Healthcare Solutions

It's time to give back by treating mom with compounded medication, a new health practice that can benefit moms.

Tips To Transition From Virtual To Onsite Work

Have you ever had transition anxiety? Here is what a licensed psychologist has to say about it.

Levels Of Stress In Southeast Asia Are Alarming; Here’s What You Need To Know

Chronic stress should not be worn as a badge of honor as it can take a significant toll on our mental health.