Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Huggies Offers Top Tips Every Parent Should Know Living In The ‘New Normal’

Here are some takeaways from the Huggies Club: Facebook Live that moms should keep in mind:

Is Your Immune System Healthy Enough Amid The Pandemic?

Ready na ba ang immune system mo sa GCQ? Alamin dito:

Huggies Club: Facebook Live Uplifts Moms As They Face The ‘New Normal’

Stay tuned for the latest episodes featuring Dimples Romana!

Women Of Santé: Breaking Boundaries, Inspiring Younger Generations

Check out the Women of Santé who show that the future really is female! ✨

BDO Life Gives Free Additional Benefits To Policy Holders Amid COVID-19

BDO Life commits to pay an additional P20,000 in the unfortunate event that the insured individual passes away from COVID-19. Check the details here.

Menstrual Cups, Pads, And Tampons: Which One Is For You?

Menstrual cups, pads and tampons, which one is the most suitable for you?