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Break Or Bond? This Pinoy Election-Themed Card Game Could Put Friendships To A Test

Break Or Bond? This Pinoy Election-Themed Card Game Could Put Friendships To A Test


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Do you like to have a friendly discussion about your political preferences for the forthcoming election, as well as discuss the politicians’ intentions for the people by debating societal issues?

PlataPorma, a Filipino card game, is about politics and societal issues that everyone should discuss.

Ronald Villaver, the man behind PlataPorma, revealed in an exclusive interview with PAGEONE on April 5 that PlataPorma was first conceptualized and created in 2016 during the election season.

Prior to that year, Villaver had already released a game called Quotes & Verses, and it occurred to him that sharing stories and giving reflections from what he did on Quotes & Verses could also be applied to current issues and platforms ––thus PlataPorma was born.

This card game is easy to pick up and play. In rounds, the current Voter chooses a Current Issue Card from their hand, while the other players choose a pair of political candidates to promote to the Voter while explaining how their president and vice-president pair solve the Voter’s chosen issue.

After each player has had their turn to pitch, the Voter selects the winner of the round. The player that won will become the Voter for the next round. The game is won by the first player to score three points. It takes knowledge, wit, and a healthy discussion to play this game.

“The game has been designed to work with teens and grandparents. We tried to achieve diverse issues relevant to various generations. There are serious issues as well as light-hearted ones. Regardless of whether you are up to date with current events or just wanting to have fun, there are opportunities for you to participate and enjoy the game with friends and family,” added Villaver in an exclusive interview.

He also revealed that the original design of PlataPorma resembled a ballot sheet, and that after years of playtesting and receiving feedback from UnPub PH, their idea was refined in terms of content and aesthetics.

“To save on costs of publishing, we opted to design it with multi-use cards, having the cards with different functions depending on your role in the round. The intention was to lower the cost as best we can to make the game as accessible as possible to Filipinos,” he implied.

PlataPorma has received positive feedback, and it helps all players in wrapping up and discussing the issues they have played, taking a few moments to consider how appealing and trustworthy their political bets are.

PlataPorma is sold in all Neutral Grounds locations. It is also available on Shopee, Lazada, and online stores such as

They also have virtual plays in social media channels such as LaronAtin and VariablePlay.

If you plan to buy PlataPorma, you should have it signed by Villaver at their BAECON2022 event on April 23 and 24. It is a community-driven convention centered on tabletop gaming. They will be performing demos and selling PlataPorma at the event.

Sign up for the convention by clicking this link at For more updates about PlataPorma, visit their official Facebook page at


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