Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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How Local Celebs Style Their Modern Filipiniana Perfect For Graduation Day

Plan your outfit for your special day with these modern Filipiniana fits inspired by local celebrities.

Cebu Hypes Sugar Bowl Town As Tourers’ Destination

Cebu’s Medellin town promotes as a budding destination for touring riders and visitors with the ‘shoot, ride, dive’ event.

Bacolod Masskara Dancers To Perform In New York For First Time

Masskara Festival dancers from Bacolod City are set to captivate New York City with their vibrant performances, aiming to boost tourism in the province.

5 Things To Remember During A Thunderstorm

Following numerous reports of local deaths due to lightning strikes, here are some things that you should remember to be safe during thunderstorms.

Iloilo City Eyes Pact With District In Seoul, South Korea

Iloilo City aims to establish a sisterhood agreement with a city in South Korea for tourism and cultural exchanges.

Refreshing Mocktails Before Summer Ends

Before the summer season ends, enjoy these energizing drinks by a Filipino expert mixologist.

Fried Potatoes Can Cause Anxiety And Depression, According To Studies

If you’re a fan of fried foods such as fried potatoes, experts advise you to consume them moderately as they can cause depression and anxiety.

Northern Samar Introduces Ibábao Fest To Mark 58th Anniversary

Northern Samar province celebrates its 58th anniversary with the inaugural Ibábao Festival, showcasing its rich history, tourism, and culture.

Return Of Cebu Pacific’s Manila-Laoag Flights Excites Ilocanos

A local airline resumes flights from Manila to Laoag, generating excitement among locals and officials for increased travel opportunities and tourism.

MMSU Partners With China Schools To Boost Education, Tourism

A state university in Ilocos Norte expands international linkages with Chinese universities to promote educational and cultural exchanges, enhancing tourism potential.

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