Sunday, July 14, 2024
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5 Floating Hotels To Take Waterfront To A Whole New Level

Nothing says beachfront like having the water right outside your door.

5 Races Around The World That Will Get Your Heart Pumping

The five races are a bit more unorthodox than your typical car or horse racing.

5 Board Games You And Your Friends Should Absolutely Be Playing

If you haven’t had your friend group play even one of these games, then it’s time to quickly rectify that.

How To Start Fresh For This Upcoming School Year

Out with the old, in with the new. Dump what didn’t work last year and take what resonates for the brand new school year.

When Should You Use A Backpack Or A Tote Bag

Choose carefully when to use the backpack and when to use the tote bag.

Alphabet Cities: Cities From A To E That Are Surely Worth Your Time

These five cities from A to E are all quite different and interesting.

Why Should You Start Investing In Physical Cameras

If you ever struggled with both taking pictures and living in the moment, then maybe you need to start trying physical cameras.

6 Ways To Stop Being Influenced By “Budol” During Online Shopping

It’s time to defeat shiny object syndrome and stop buying new products impulsively online.

Why Should You Consider Doing A Staycation?

Don’t knock on the staycation until you’ve actually tried it.

5 Tree Houses If You Wanna Relive Your Childhood Dreams

This is your sign to save up and take a trip through these five amazing tree houses.

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