Sunday, July 14, 2024

2024 Makeup Trends: A Mix Of Glam, And Natural Look


2024 Makeup Trends: A Mix Of Glam, And Natural Look


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As the rituals of beauty have improved and transformed throughout the ages, the year 2024 introduces makeup trends which incorporate glam and natural styles into the aesthetic scene.

Professional makeup artist Yra Mantaring shared many brands released skincare-infused cosmetics, as the main focus this year is to achieve ethereal and healthy-looking skin.

A graduate of the Makeup Artistry Program at the Center for Aesthetic Studies, she affirmed that consumers need to purchase fewer items instead of getting separate ones, a sustainable move.

To guide the general public, the industry practitioner, who specializes in editorial makeup for digital campaigns, imparted products, top techniques and tips, and imparted up-to-date looks for 2024.

Cloud skin, a gentle matte texture that fixates on creating a fresh effect, continues to rise this year. To achieve this, applying serum foundation and creamy concealer is advisable to correct any blemishes. This produces a comfortable-looking soft and blurred touch.

Paired with the glowing complexion, the eyes are likewise highlighted this 2024. The season’s go-to evening feature is a metallic, shimmery white, silver, gray, and taupe shadow swiped across the lid.

A diverse range of cool-toned eyeshadows in cream, powder, and liquid formulations was recently launched by local and international companies to seamlessly align with euphoria-inspired appearance – in a subtle manner.

A lot of muted nudes and warmer blushes also prevail, which replace the saturated bright pink flush that became popular in 2023.

The shades of desaturated peach and neutral sides are well-admired to create a delicate and smooth mark.

For strategic color placement, Mantaring underscored that vibrant hues are still around even though the approach this year leans to minimalist.

With the introduction of new game-changers, the fad is shifting towards fluffier, more relaxed, and undone eyebrows, which leaves the overly manicured, defined, and laminated structure in 2023.

The homegrown talent from the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) Fashion Design and Merchandising Program likewise recommended using a brow gel to follow the shape of the brows and fill in any sparse areas. She advised not to over-tweeze or trim to achieve the unfinished quality.

She suggested that a pop of tint can be a statement on the eyes or lips. She furthered that it can top off the barely-there base with dashing lashes, a graphic eyeliner, or a classic red lip.

She added that monochromatic makeup, which is all about the use of the same materials and pigment on eyes, lips, and cheeks, also stays this 2024 because it is easy to recreate and the components are accessible.

The young creative explained that famous makeup strategies on the video-sharing application TikTok, such as Douyin, a famous Chinese makeup method, are well-favored this year.

Named after the Chinese term for TikTok, Douyin imitates doll-like features which emphasizes plenty of sparkles and shimmers in the eyes.