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Y.O.U Beauty Supports Women Empowerment With #WatchUsGlow Movement


Y.O.U Beauty Supports Women Empowerment With #WatchUsGlow Movement


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March is International Women’s Month and Y.O.U Beauty joins in celebrating all women and empowering them to embrace their long-lasting beauty. That’s why Y.O.U Beauty has launched the #WatchUsGlow campaign to deliver this message to more women. Oh yes, it’s time to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and accept that you’re beautiful. Because you are! You don’t need to look like women you see online because in your own skin, you are pretty awesome!

The truth is: no one’s perfect and no two people are exactly alike. But thank goodness for that. Imagine how monotonous the world would be if everyone was perfect, right? Not all women have accepted this uniqueness. But if every woman spends time for self-care, then she is inches closer to embracing her unique beauty and being empowered by it. Y.O.U Beauty launched the #WatchUsGlow Movement for this very reason – they want to celebrate diversity in women and show them that there is empowerment in self-care.


Self-care for empowerment

What does self-care look like? It is different from woman to woman, but the benefits of self-care reverberate throughout your day and your life. Here are a few suggestions–see which ones feel like they’re a great fit for you.

Eat well. When you take your meals, think of them as nourishment and not just fuel to bridge the gap until the next one. Fill your plate with color–that is, vegetables and grains, aside from your meat or seafood–and savor each bite while you chew. Eating can be a quiet time to think or a social time to break bread with loved ones. Either way, it feeds not only your body.

Breathe deeply. Make time–anywhere between a minute to an hour–to sit quietly and just be. If you can do this surrounded by nature, so much the better. Take deep breaths to appreciate the silence, listen to your inner voice, or just sit quietly and just be. You may have to be deliberate at first, but you’ll soon find that these pockets of silence will benefit your day.

Get moving. Physical exercise comes in many forms. You can take a walk (with a friend or your dog), do yoga, join a HIIT class or complete your household chores. As long as you are able to stretch your muscles and keep the blood moving throughout your body, you are investing time and effort in yourself and you’ll have the advantage of greater mobility for longer.

Begin and end your day with skincare. Cleanse, tone, moisturize are easy steps that can easily become good habits when you practice them daily. Due to the unique climate in the Philippines, it’s best if you repeat them in the morning and at night. Each stroke and motion can also serve to strengthen your relationship with your skin and by extension, yourself.


Be part of the #WatchUsGlow Movement

Have you joined the #WatchUsGlow movement? Do it today and get the chance to see your beautiful face in Y.O.U Beauty PH’s Women’s Month social video!

How? Participate just by following these easy steps: 1) Post a selfie on your Instagram account and tag @youbeauty_ph 2) Caption it with what makes you feel empowered as a woman, using the hashtags #WatchUsGlow and #YOUBeautyPH. 3) Make sure to follow Y.O.U Beauty PH Instagram account @youbeauty_ph and tag 3 lovely women to do the same.

The photos of 10 women will be selected to be featured in Y.O.U Beauty PH’s #WatchUsGlow video that will be posted on all Y.O.U Beauty PH’s social media accounts at the end of Women’s Month. Plus, all 10 ladies will get a limited-edition Y.O.U Beauty pouch bag with awesome items worth PhP 2,800.**

*Make sure you post by 12nn (Philippine time) on March 30, 2022.
**Please make sure that you have a Philippine address where we can send your prizes.

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