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World Vision Salutes PAGEONE Group As Special Media Partner, Growing Its Relationship


World Vision Salutes PAGEONE Group As Special Media Partner, Growing Its Relationship


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World Vision Development Foundation, Inc., a passionate and largest non-profit Christian humanitarian organization was proud and showed its appreciation for PAGEONE Group, giving the company a special recognition for its endless support as its media partner.

On April 18, the World Vision expressed its amusement at continuing a fruitful partnership with PAGEONE Group, with whom they collaborated even during the pandemic. This special partnership symbolizes the company’s well-known reputation for reputable service, both for employees and clients.

In support of their advocacy, PAGEONE Group took the initiative by sharing numerous articles on their online platforms, shedding light on issues impacting the well-being of children.

As they build a stronger relationship with the company, the World Vision expressed their gratitude towards its service and loyalty by honoring them with a special plaque of appreciation called “Project Salute” that was handcrafted by Kit Gresos, a former World Vision sponsored child, now a celebrated artist and CEO of his own firm.

“We are grateful for the enduring support of our partners in championing our initiatives that empower children and youth to reach their full potential,” Mr. Jun Godornes, the Interim National Director of World Vision Philippines stated.

PAGEONE Group’s President and Chief Operations Officer Vonj Tingson received the remarkable award, sharing how the company cherishes the growing partnership between the two organizations.

President Vonj Tingson expressed his appreciation, “Receiving this plaque of appreciation is not just an acknowledgment of our company’s contribution, but a proof that we can all achieve a purposeful outcome when we join hands for a noble cause. It’s a reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness ripple outwards, creating waves of hope and change in communities far and wide. With this recognition, our company will continue in doing its best to value our relationships and stand firm with our vision as we do our service.”

For decades, World Vision centered their advocacy on helping children overcome poverty and experience the life they deserved. Children who lack privilege all over the world have become their inspirations to create sponsorships to support them.

Through the years, the organization also extended their help to some orphans in Guimaras and in South Cotabato and even went to dangerous places to just serve these children.

Their Christian faith helps them fulfill their ultimate goal of championing the welfare of Filipino children in their education, health, livelihood for their parents, and disaster preparedness.

With this special recognition, PAGEONE Group vowed to continuously support the organization in amplifying children’s voices as well as their mission and vision by extending the presence of World Vision across digital and social platforms.