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VP Sara Honors Heroism Of Rescue Dog In Davao De Oro Landslide


VP Sara Honors Heroism Of Rescue Dog In Davao De Oro Landslide


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Vice President Sara Z. Duterte recognized the heroism of rescue dog Appa on Wednesday here, along with other responders in the search and rescue operations in the Masara landslide incident early this month.

Appa was instrumental in locating a three-year-old girl from the rubble of collapsed structures following the Feb. 6 landslide in Barangay Masara in Maco, Davao de Oro, which has killed over 90 people.

During an awarding ceremony held at the Coast Guard District Southeastern Mindanao headquarters in this city, Duterte said “everyone was moved by the story of Appa, the brave K9 search and rescue dog,” who helped save the life of Chin-chin Malacaste.

The toddler was trapped underground for 60 hours before Appa –a golden retriever Aspin (Asong Pinoy) Philippine Coast Guard working dog– found her, responders said.

“Appa teaches us that anyone, regardless of labels, can make a difference. His courage reminds us to cherish our animal companions more. Today, it is my honor and privilege to recognize all the deserving Coast Guard personnel, including Appa,” Duterte said in a speech.

The Vice President also thanked the Coast Guard responders for their “painstaking effort in searching for missing individuals and locating those who had already perished” underneath the rubble.

“May this award reminds you of the impact of your bravery and dedication, inspiring you to keep saving lives and protecting our fellow Filipinos. During tough times like this, instead of being disheartened or fearful, you were great, passionate, and fearless,” Duterte added.

She also reminded Filipinos that even amidst disasters, “we always rise again, our values as a nation remain unchanged no matter what challenges we encounter.” (PNA)