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Unilever Is Back With Its Positive Beauty Campaign Together With Shopee!

Unilever Is Back With Its Positive Beauty Campaign Together With Shopee!


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For years, Unilever Philippines has advocated for positive beauty that cares, not just for the self, but for the planet and the community.

Through these constant pillars, the commitment to empowering Filipinas to be confident in their own beauty has only grown stronger with time.

To continue its commitment to creating a positive impact on people and the planet, Unilever is again teaming up with Shopee for the annual Positive Beauty sale with exclusive offers that will surely bring positive beauty to your life from June 25 to 27:

If you’re on the same page as Unilever—interested in protecting your beauty and well-being while being sustainable and socially responsible, then this article is for you.


Own Your Beauty

While the choice to love yourself has to be made from within, Unilever and Shopee make it even easier and more rewarding to take the first step by offering savings of up to 50% off on your beauty and personal care favorites!

Beauty lovers can look forward to these exciting deals:

  • Timed offers with best prices dropping at 12 to 2 AM, 12 to 2 PM, and 6 to 8 PM!
  • Additional 15% off discount vouchers
  • Exclusive mystery bundle worth P3,000, exclusive bundle kits, and freebies with every purchase.

You can also get up to 30% off on the following Unilever Beauty’s hero items:


Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

Who doesn’t like having soft, nourished skin? The Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash contains a unique blend of moisturizers, mild cleansers, and skin-natural nutrients that nourishes three times better than milk and improves the condition of your skin, revealing smoother and hydrated skin after just one shower.

You can get it now at


Tresemme Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

Want long-lasting straight hair? Get 10 salon benefits in one wash with the TRESemmé Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Straight Hair Conditioner. TRESemmé’s best-ever anti-frizz professional system gives salon-quality, straight hair after every wash, transforming it to look sleek and smooth.

You can get it now at


Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Conditioner

Achieve silky smooth hair with Cream Silk’s most advanced 3-in-1 conditioning system yet, which combines the benefits of three Keratin products: Keratin relaxers to tame rebellious frizz, Keratin serum to revive intense damage, and Keratin essence to restore extreme dullness.

You can get it now at


Own The Beauty Of Your Community

You can’t deny that each and every one is interconnected through family, friends, and society. So, it’s essential for all of us to take part in building a positive and productive community.

With the #OwnYourBeauty sale, you can do just that by simply purchasing your personal care items! Not only do you get to fulfill your beauty needs, but you also get to give back to the community.

Unilever and Shopee will be providing a portion of the proceeds from your purchases to Mano Amiga Academy, an NGO advocating for community transformation and inclusive growth through education, which will grant microentrepreneurs access to the necessary funds and training courses to help them start, sustain or scale their businesses.


Own The Beauty Of Our Planet

With the ongoing climate crisis, everyone is expected to do their part, no matter how small or big, and take action to serve and protect the planet and act as stewards for the next generation. For this year’s Positive Beauty sale, all Shopee orders with 5 or more items will come in sustainable packaging with eco-wrap!

To browse more of Unilever’s #OwnYourBeauty products and help in funding micro-businesses, visit their official Shopee page at

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