Monday, May 27, 2024

This Local Skincare Brand Focuses On Cancer Patients’ Damaged Skin


This Local Skincare Brand Focuses On Cancer Patients’ Damaged Skin


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With the evolution and rise of undisputed and newbie skincare products, the majority of them is to provide their target customers with translucent, western-looking skin. Many skincare brands promise to remove pimples, marks, and acne. Yes, that is true, but in order to have better skin, a skincare brand must make more compromises.

Aside from producing skincare products for all skin types, now is the time to focus on patients who have skin disorders or those who are suffering from the side effects of cancer and radiation treatment.

Skin Care for Hope, founded in 2020 by board-certified dermatologist and book author Dr. Claire Marie Reyes-Habito, aims to provide hope and recovery to those who have compromised skin due to skin sensitivities, aging, or medications such as chemotherapy and radiation.

This local skincare brand believes that gentle and moisturizing skincare products paired with good skincare habits will help improve even the damaged skin.

If you have a skin disorder and want to see a dermatologist but don’t have the money, try their free tele-dermatology consultation every Saturday via Zoom.

You can select a time slot for your convenience on their website, and they will send you an email to confirm your appointment with a provided zoom link. On the day of your online appointment, a board-certified dermatologist will talk and discuss your skin condition with you, as well as which products are appropriate for your skin.

Talking about their most popular product, the Skin Care for Hope has Skin Relief and Moisturizing Cream, formulated with a unique blend of nata de coco, calendula, and Buah Merah that helps calm and relieve your dry and irritated skin for only Php 491.

Now is the time to finally soothe your damaged skin with their skin-specific products. Visit them on their official website.