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This Filipino Filmmaker Alemberg Ang Breaks Barriers To Produce Afghan Documentary

This Filipino Filmmaker Alemberg Ang Breaks Barriers To Produce Afghan Documentary


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On the long lists of Filipinos who stands out and are continuously breaking barriers on global scenes, among them is a Filipino film producer who is making yet another history as the third Southeast Asian and first Filipino to ever participate in the prestigious European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) Producer’s Workshop 2022, known as one of the leading training and development providers for producers.

Born as the youngest among four siblings, Alemberg Ang is an educator, filmmaker, and producer who has been using his craft in raising the country’s flag and encompassing his advocacies: mental health, social justice, and women and LGBTQIA+ empowerment among his award-winning and critically acclaimed films. Having his decade-long experience in producing independent films that seek to educate people and give voices to cultural minorities in the world cinema.

For ten years, Alemberg has been teaching as a high school literature teacher before deciding to be a full-time indie producer. His shift of career to filmmaking was shaped by his endearing passion for socio-civic issues that are ranging around the country and his love for Philippine Arts and literature —starting with Alvin B. Yapan’s “Ang Panggagahasa Kay Fe” (The Rapture of Fe, 2009), which was hailed as the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival’s winner for Special Jury Prize and 33rd Cairo International Film Festival’s Best Digital Feature Film.

While continuously gracing the local entertainment industry, Alemberg has hit another milestone in his career by making history being the first Filipino film producer to get accepted at European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) Producer’s Workshop 2022. It marks Alemberg Ang’s project collaboration with Afghanistan’s notable documentarist Sahra Mani entitled “Dream of Grape Gardens”, an autobiographical documentary that narrates Sahra Mani’s wartime memories as an Afghan refugee in Iran and her mother’s endless search for her lost brother in 1972.

The schoolteacher turned multi-awarded film producer was set to participate in a three-session workshop this year: participated during the 1st session last March 4 to March 11 at Luxembourg and was set attend the June 10 to June 17 at Pärnu, Estonia, and the last workshop to be held on October 17 to October 24 at Barcelona Spain.

Getting sealed as one of the most promising filmmakers of this generation with his notable and award-winning filmography such as “Titser” (Catholic Mass Media Awards’ Best Drama), 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten (2016, Cinema One Originals’ Best Picture, and Torino LGBTQ’s Audience Award), Loy Arcena’s “The Portrait”, a period musical (2017, Metro Manila Film Festival’s Best Picture, Asian Spirit Competition at Tokyo International Film Festival), and Petersen Vargas’ “How to Die Young in Manila” (2020, Busan International Film Festival).

His films have also been screened at the Hong Kong Film Financing Forum, BiFan’s Asian Fantastic Films Network, Busan’s Asian Project Market, Tribeca Film Institute’s Filmmakers Lab, Golden Horse Film Project Promotion, SEAFIC, and Rotterdam’s Cinemart— believes that “It is always important to make films that can speak to young people about the world we live in.”


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