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Things To Remember When You Visit Museums And Cultural Sites


Things To Remember When You Visit Museums And Cultural Sites


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National museums and cultural heritage sites are considered classic and even sacred places that people love going to. Going to such places feels like traveling through time.

Before going to museums, especially on this international museum day, here are the things that you should keep in mind to enjoy your museum hopping.

1. Always remember the basic museum rules

In every museum, it is common to mandate that visitors prohibit foods and beverages upon entering. This is to avoid spilling objects that can damage the artwork.

Touching artwork is also prohibited, which also covers leaning on figures, statues, or glassware, which can crash or deform the art.

Remember, each artwork has its own story and beauty to tell, and you should not waste it by not following basic museum rules.

To have an in-depth understanding of the specific rules per museum location, you may check their websites or social media accounts to be reminded before visiting.

You may also check the fares, visiting hours, and artworks present in the museum as a heads-up.

2. Be polite and courteous

Everywhere you go, you must always be polite and courteous, especially inside the museum premises. If you have to approach one of the site’s staff or employees, show respect when asking.

Also, know that you’ll be with other visitors, some of whom may be from different towns or even countries.

They may be new to the city and exploring it. So, always try to be on your best behavior and let them have a pleasant experience strolling around.

3. Make use of the deposit counter

At the entrance of museums, bag-checking is usually done by assigned personnel. Visitors are also usually directed to proceed to the baggage counter, where they can leave their belongings such as umbrellas, tumblers, luggage, etc.

The use of deposit counters makes the visit easier and more convenient since the visitors do not have to carry heavy things inside. However, if you don’t like to leave your belongings on the counter, you may want to opt for a smaller bag with minimal things inside.

Sling bags, pouches, and purses are commonly the types of bags that are allowed to be carried inside the museum.

4. Museum visits are not for photoshoots

Museums have such pleasing and aesthetic arrangements that are just perfect for social media. From lighting to artistic backgrounds, not taking a photo would somehow be regretful.

While picture-taking is permitted during the tour inside the museum, you don’t want to spend all of your time clicking on your camera. As tempting as it is, don’t try to make your visit some kind of photoshoot.

5. Enjoy your museum trip while respecting others

Of course, during your trip, you should enjoy the time to explore new things through artwork.

After all, you go to museums and cultural heritage sites to satisfy your eyes, mind, and soul. There is nothing left to do but be amazed by the rich culture and ancestry of every museum you are, and will be exploring.

But every enjoyment has its limitations, which include respecting other people while you savor the artworks in the museum. Always take note that they also wanted to enjoy the moment, just like you.

This International Museum Day, give yourself time to discover more things to expand your creativity and imagination. This does not only satisfy your eyes but also your knowledge about art and culture.

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