Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Yera Madelo

Safe Spaces For Youth, A Priority For Uswag Ilonggo Party List

Uswag Ilonggo Party List to prioritize a safe space for Ilonggo youth.

Livelihood A Main Concern For Uswag Ilonggo Party List

Uswag Ilonggo regional party-list recently conducted trainings for hablon weavers in Iloilo.

Uswag Ilonggo Looking At Education, Livelihood As Way Out Of Poverty Of Visayan Youth

Uswag Ilonggo Regional Party List is looking at initiatives to address the alarming levels of teenage pregnancy among Ilonggo youths.

Uswag Ilonggo Vows To Curb Teenage Pregnancy

Youth leaders highlighted teenage pregnancy as one of the root causes of the many problems in Western Visayas in which Uswag Ilonggo Regional Party-List has vowed to address.

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