Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Trimotors Technology Corporation

Bajaj Maxima Cargo Rises As A Logistics Solution In Bohol Relief Operations

The Bajaj Maxima Cargo has been recognized as an effective logistical solution for transporting relief products and services to disaster-stricken areas such as Bohol.

Mindanao, Steps Ahead In Transport Modernization Thru Bajaj Three-Wheelers

LOOK: Bajaj RE was the first Bajaj three-wheeler well-loved by the Mindanaoans now perfectly used as pampasada.

Bajaj Maxima Z: Ang Multi-Purpose Three-Wheeler At Partner Sa Negosyo

Haven’t heard of Flexi Seats yet? This multi-purpose three-wheeler, Bajaj Maxima Z, will be your new partner to fit your diskarte for both transporting passengers and carrying loads.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo: Delivering Powerful Solutions

Bajaj Maxima Cargo has extended a joint effort to private and government sectors to have better transport services in the country.

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