Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Shopee Live Sulit Sale And Get Up To 50% Off On Exclusive Deals

To get the most out of your livestream shopping experience, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you tune in to the Shopee Live Sulit Sale every Friday:

Treat Yourself With Deals Up To 50% Off On Budol-Worthy Gadgets, Beauty Brands On Shopee!

Be sure to go to Shopee on July 30 to catch exciting deals from leading brands when you watch Shopee Budol Live!

ShopeePay Day: Send Money And Win Over 1 Million Worth Of Prizes And More!

Enjoy rewards and huge prizes when you send money for free with ShopeePay!

Ready For Adulting? ShopeePay Shares Financial Tips For Fresh Graduates

Be a financially-savvy young adult with these rewarding tips from ShopeePay!

7 Bagsak-Presyo Tech Items At The Shopee 7.7 Mid-Year Sale

Now’s the perfect time to check out those tech items you’ve been eyeing, as you can get these at bagsak-presyo prices this 7.7!

Five Things You Can Do With ShopeePay

Here’s a quick rundown of the things you can do with ShopeePay so you won’t miss out:

Live In An Aesthetic Space With These Minimalist, Grammable #ShopeeFinds

From trending items online to Nordic-inspired pieces and even home accessories you didn’t think you needed can now be possible with #ShopeeFinds.

What To Get Dad For Father’s Day? Here Are 19 Shopee Finds For Every Type Of Dad!

Know what's best for your dad this Father's Day with Shopee!

5 Reasons Why Bisaya Shoppers Should Check Out This Shopee 6.6 Mid-Year Sale

Shopee is treating Bisaya shoppers to unique Visayas Barato Deals and other interesting promotions this 6.6!

From A To Z, Mas Mura Sa Shopee! Check Out These ₱66 Deals At The 6.6 Mid-Year Sale

Discover a variety of items from A to Z on marked down deals as low as PHP 66 in time for the 6.6 Mid-Year Sale.

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