Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Ninja Van

Ninja Van Philippines Becomes First Private Courier Partner Of The Supreme Court

Ninja Van Philippines has now been officially granted accreditation by the Supreme Court as its first private courier partner.

What It’s Like Working On The Road As Told By Ninja Van Philippines Delivery Riders

Ninja Van delivery riders share their experiences of providing their Todo Hustle, No Hassle services to shippers and shoppers nationwide.

Ninja Van Philippines Celebrates The People Behind Its Excellent Customer Service

Three Operations Assistants share their proudest moments and the challenges they have faced and overcome on the job and in life as they continue to grow with Ninja Van Philippines.

Ninja Van Group And DPDgroup Map Pandemic-Influence Online Shoppers Behavior In SEA

Ninja Van Group and DPDgroup have collaborated to develop the first-ever E-commerce Barometer Report 2021, which highlights shoppers' preferences in Southeast Asia during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Ninja Van Ramps Up Largest Hub In PH With Integrated Measurement And Sortation System

To keep up with growing customer demand, the company is ramping up its sort automation efforts for faster, more efficient deliveries.

Ninja Van Philippines Kicks Off DIGeCONOMY Bootcamp Series

Ninja Van Philippines continues to push its customer-first agenda to support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in the country with the launch of its DIGeCONOMY Bootcamp Series where business owners learn how to maximize opportunities in the digital space.

This International Women’s Month, Ninja Van PH Champions Female Leadership And Resilience

Ninja Van Philippines honors women in its workforce who are responsible for providing hassle-free deliveries and excellent customer service all across the Philippines during International Women's Month.

How Ninja Van Philippines Supports SMEs Through Customer-First Approach

Ninja Van Philippines aspires to create and enable services that empower businesses, as well as to create an ecosystem that allows everyone to have easy access to high-quality logistics services.

Here’s How You Can Enjoy A Safer Online Shopping Experience

Be aware of common courier and shipping scams, and how you can avoid them.

Know More About Ninja Van Philippines’ Commitment To Make Christmas Happen For Filipinos

Through its operational innovations, Ninja Van ensures it has the capacity to serve the upcoming holiday demand.

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