Saturday, June 3, 2023
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iQiyi Original K-Series Bad And Crazy Primed For Global Launch At Int’l Press Conference

WATCH: iQiyi's year-end heavyweight Original K-drama series Bad and Crazy took center stage in a global press conference starring leads.

Bad And Crazy Debuts December 17 On iQiyi And

WATCH: Make a date with these beloved Korean dashing duo for an exciting life that finds its way into chaos.

iQiyi Original K-Series Bad And Crazy Main Trailer Debut

WATCH: Meet the righteous but crazy ‘K' at the latest iQiyi Original K-drama series, “Bad and Crazy”.

Bad And Crazy Reveals Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Jun’s Intense Ride And Fight Scenes

WATCH: iQiyi is set to close 2021 on a high with its latest heavyweight Original Korean drama series Bad and Crazy,

Philippine Mountains To Explore Inspired By iQiyi’s Adventure K-Drama “Jirisan”

Here are the top 5 mountains to visit in the Philippines if you want to see a variety of peaks with dramatic vistas like in the Jirisin film.

iQiyi K-series Let Me Be Your Knight Premieres Exclusively On November 7th

WATCH: Let Me Be Your Knight, a K-series from iQiyi, tells the behind-the-scenes stories of boy bands.

iQiyi’s K-Drama “Happiness” Is Park Hyung-sik’s First Show After Military Discharge

WATCH: This new K-drama "Happiness" will take its place in a time when infectious diseases are the new normal.

iQiyi Original K-series Jirisan Reveals Gianna Jun & Ju Ji-hoon’s ‘Signal’ Rescues

WATCH: Packed with mysteries, the latest episodes of Jirisan saw a number of climbers poisoned after they drank tainted beverages.

iQiyi Original K-series Jirisan On The Murderer’s Trail

WATCH: Across realms, Gianna Jun and Ju Ji-hoon guard the top.

iQiyi Original K-Series Jirisan Unveils Characters’ Relationships

WATCH: K-series Jirisan has revealed the character relationship map of its actors following its spectacular premiere.

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