Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Solon Lauds PNPA Program To Equip Future Cops With Farming Skills


Solon Lauds PNPA Program To Equip Future Cops With Farming Skills

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A lawmaker on Tuesday said she was impressed after finding out that the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) has been teaching farming to the country’s future policemen.

Senator Cynthia Villar stressed the importance of having farming skills, which “truly resonates with the principles and purpose of law enforcement.”

Villar, who chairs the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food, said she learned about this when she was invited as guest speaker at PNPA’s flag raising ceremony on Monday in Silang, Cavite.

“I have been informed that my strong advocacy for agriculture aligns with PNPA’s belief that policemen possessing farming skills can significantly enhance the police service within the communities they serve,” she said.

“Understanding farming and the unique challenges it presents will help you connect more deeply with these communities. These connections can foster trust and cooperation, which are essential elements for you to carry out your police work more effectively,” she added telling the cadets about the possibility that they will be stationed in places where agriculture plays a critical role.

During the event, Villar also told the cadets to actively participate in the government’s quest for food security and fostering a safer environment by sharing their farming knowledge, educating local communities and empowering farmers.

“When communities have consistent access to nutritious food, they tend to be more stable, peaceful, and less inclined to engage in unlawful activities,” she said.

Equipped with farming knowledge, Villar said they can also actively contribute to disaster preparedness and recovery efforts, particularly in rural areas heavily reliant on farming.

“Embracing sustainable farming practices further emphasizes your role as protectors, extending beyond people to safeguarding our environment,” the lady solon said.

Since self-sufficiency is a crucial aspect of being a police officer, Villar said their farming skills could prove to be a lifeline during crisis. (PNA)

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