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Shooting Beyond Goals: Get To Know UAAP’s Mythical Five Outside The Court

Shooting Beyond Goals: Get To Know UAAP’s Mythical Five Outside The Court

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The University Athletes Association of the Philippines (UAAP) never forgot to appreciate the best and star players of the season, especially in basketball and has recognized the mythical five.

The mythical five consisted of the best player in five basketball positions: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. Universities have since then trained each of their strongest players in each position for the chance to receive such an honor.

This year, another set of mythical five has been recognized, but each of these players has always aimed for different goals outside the court, whether as a player, student, or Filipino citizen.

1. Malick Diouf

Maodo Malick Diouf, hailing from Senegal, Africa, is the current player on the UP Fighting Maroons basketball team. He was formerly a basketball player at Centro Escolar University as player nine.

His passion for the basketball sport started in his home country’s neighborhood; he had often played before and even won a trophy for it. Yet he had dreamt of playing on an even bigger court; thus, in October 2018, he had flown to the Philippines.

Diouf’s final year has come in 2023, and his goal has then been to triumph in the upcoming UAAP Season 86 finals against the Green Archers. He hopes to leave a legacy as he continues with his basketball career.

2. Rey Remogat

Rhey Adrian Remogat from Quezon City is player 16 of the University of the East’s Red Warriors. His father has always supported him in his basketball journey by gifting him different sports shoes for his games.

His extroverted energy in court is also the same in his life outside the court, as a quirky brother, an affectionate boyfriend, and an adventurous son.

Remogat is also supportive of his friends and acquaintances, sharing their small businesses on his Facebook page. No wonder his humble nature has blessed him to be part of the mythical five.

3. Kevin Quiambao

Karl Kevin Quiambao is player 17 for the DLSU Green Archers. He garnered an overall score of 97 in the statistical points leaders in the basketball tournament, in which he also won this season’s Most Valuable Player award.

Quiambao had started his basketball career long before entering De La Salle University; he had once competed for Team Pilipinas in the 10th ASEAN School Games Malaysia 2018 and in the International Basketball Foundation 2018.

Aside from the love of the hoops, he has a close family bond and never misses spending quality time with them. It’s no wonder his ‘kuya’ nature is what makes him a great team captain and a good sport of the game.

4. Evan Nelle

Evan Nelle is player 10 of the De La Salle University (DLSU) Green Archers alongside Quiambao in the current season, and while most know him as Kitty Duterte’s boyfriend, he has built his reputation as the mythical five ‘best point guard’ in UAAP as a DLSU Green Archer and in the NCAA as a San Beda Red Lion.

Nelle is supportive of the people around him; he once helped in a live sale back in 2021 wearing a unicorn onesie and his friend wearing a panda onesie.

One thing you’ll notice on his Instagram page is that he loves the outdoors, especially beaches or somewhere he can get away once in a while to rest and enjoy life.

5. LJay Gonzales

Ljay Gonzales is player 13 of the FEU Tamaraws and graduated from the university on July 17. Still, he is qualified to play for the team, as the UAAP ruled that the player must be over 25 years old.

Gonzales has always taken care of his physique, training hard to keep his stamina and strength, which have helped him during the intense game in UAAP.

One thing that has kept him going is his girlfriend, Kay Noble Songcuya, who recently successfully passed her nursing licensure exam. Gonzales has never failed to miss sharing a photo of them on a date or achieving goals together.

These athletes not only possess good qualities as players but also qualities that express their uniqueness outside the court. Life is truly like a basketball game; keeping the winning streak is not pure luck but making great decisions.

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