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Sawadee Ka! A Newbie’s Guide To The Best Thai BL Series


Sawadee Ka! A Newbie’s Guide To The Best Thai BL Series


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When someone hears the word boys love (BL), it automatically refers to the home of BL dramas—Thailand! This craze has been shaking the internet lately, and the fan communities are growing bigger as days pass by.

While the hype is getting real, fans are also keen on explaining why these types of narratives matter: the representation of the LGBTQIA+ community. So as newbies continually join the Thai BL fan community, it is important to guide them to the right places!

If you’re one of the newbies, do not fret because we got you—here we list down a few of the best Thai BL series in town:

1. I Told Sunset About You

An emotionally-wrecking piece, I Told Sunset About You stars the complicated romance of Teh (Billkin) and Oh-Aew (PP Krit). While they started out as enemies, events brought them into significant encounters that bloomed into friendship and then romance.

As feelings started to grow, so did the complications. Now, they have to navigate their families, friendship, and sexuality—a disaster that they cannot avoid.

If you’re into a quiet, reflective piece of art, I Told Sunset About You is the best place to start.

2. Bad Buddy The Series

Contrary to the intensity of I Told Sunset About You, this drama will shower you with ultimate fluff. Pat (Ohm Pawat) and Pran (Nanon Korapat) are sworn enemies from birth because of their family’s intense rivalry. Apart from that, their school faculties are also longtime rivals!

But as situations entangle them forcibly, feelings change and a secret romance starts to bloom. From two people who cannot be friends to two people who cannot just be friends, they now have to face the ultimate hurdle of their love: their friends and families.

If you want to start light, Bad Buddy is perfect for giving you the right mix of comedy, kilig, and a good cry.

3. Until We Meet Again

*Trigger Warning!* This section mentions death and suicide. Please skip to the next number if it becomes uncomfortable.

At a time where homosexual relationships were condemned, Korn (Kao Noppakao) and Intouch (Cooheart) could not handle the pain. They ended their lives on a tragic note, and their families tied them up with a red thread, connecting their fates even after death.

Thirty years later, they are reincarnated as Pharm (Fluke Natouch) and Dean (Ohm Thitiwat). They both spent their lives feeling as if they were yearning for someone until one fine day, their eyes met… once again.

This drama is heavily infused with emotional intensity, touching on the most sensitive issues of the LGBTQIA+ community. If you are into red thread, yearning, and reincarnation tropes, Until We Meet Again is a good watch.

4. A Tale of a Thousand Stars

Tian (Mix Sahaphap) undergoes a heart transplant. Feeling grateful for his donor, volunteer teacher Torfun (Aye Sarunchana), he tries to learn about her life through a diary she left. He discovers that Torfun had a promise with Chief Officer Phupha (Earth Pirapat) to count a thousand stars with him.

Tian then vows to follow her path. He becomes a volunteer teacher at Pha Pan Dao, a school far away from the city. There he meets Phupha, who is unaware of his heart transplant—including where the heart came from. As time passed by, feelings bloomed—and so did the truth.

Whether you need a heartfelt portrayal of life’s challenges or you simply want a story of love and acceptance, this drama will surely touch your heart.

5. Love By Chance

One of Studio Wabi Sabi’s gems, Love by Chance, follows the relationship of Pete (Saint Suppapong) and Ae (Perth Tanapon). In a chance encounter, they meet, and a connection instantly sparks.

Pete, a timid boy, has always been betrayed by his friends and ridiculed for being gay. When Ae learns about this, he starts to protect Pete until both have developed feelings for each other.

By then, Pete’s biggest fear has come: that Ae might experience the same pain he went through for being gay. He starts to hide his feelings until he cannot hide them anymore.

Love by Chance is an innocent yet perceptive take on growing up and coming to terms with sexuality. It is a refreshing portrayal of how the young deal with social perceptions of love and gender.

6. BONUS: 2Gether The Series

The one that started it all—at least, we could say. While legendary BLs like Sotus have existed before this, the virality and kilig factors of 2gether have brought in so many new fans in the community.

It stars Tine (Win Metawin), who is in need of a fake boyfriend to drive away a suitor he did not like. He then pursues Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit), a popular boy at school, to be his fake boyfriend.

As he pursues Sarawat, Tine’s heart starts to beat faster. To his knowledge, someone has been secretly waiting for him to reach out for the longest time.

If you need something to make you feel kilig to the bones, then 2gether is your new best friend.

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