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Relax And Take A Sip Of These Drinks Perfect For Rainy Season


Relax And Take A Sip Of These Drinks Perfect For Rainy Season


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Recently, a lot of places in the Philippines experienced rainy days due to the reported presence of low pressure areas in the country. In cold times like these, relaxing drinks are the best comfort buddy to have.

As the rain pours, here are some drinks you can indulge yourself with during the chilly weather.

1. Hot chocolate

First and foremost, the well-known and traditional cold season beverage—hot chocolate!

Aside from their tempting sweetness, hot chocolate drinks are also a convenient beverage that can be obtained anywhere. From packed instant chocolate powder to making it traditional through tsokolate de batirol made from tablea de cacao, hot chocolate is definitely a hit during rainy days!

Besides, who can resist having a cup of some sweet, warm, chocolatey goodness?

2. Salabat

If you want a drink with a bit of kick, then you should go for a cup of Salabat! This is a traditional Filipino drink made from ginger and turmeric.

The spicy heat of the tea offers soothing and healing comfort, perfect for the cold. Salabat tea is also beneficial to one’s health because it improves blood circulation, digestion, and the immune and respiratory systems.

If you don’t like the spice that comes with the tea, you can always add honey, coconut sugar, or brown sugar to sweeten your drink.

3. Kapeng Barako

As a country full of coffee lovers, Kapeng Barako should not be left out in this list.

Kapeng Barako is a common drink in Batangas that is made from Liberica coffee beans. Generally, it tastes strong and herbal with earthy notes.

Usually, it is served black, but if you want something lighter, you can add cream and sugar. Kapeng Barako is best enjoyed with a fresh slice of bread.

4. Chai Tea

Looking for a hot and healthy drink? It’s time to try chai tea! This tea is a classic recipe of brewed black or green tea poured into water and added to milk.

Chai tea is a perfect source for antioxidants that can increase your cellular health and prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer.

Making this tea can vary depending on your preference. You can experiment with it by adding flavors such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, or star anise.

5. Calamansi juice

Besides hot beverages, calamansi juice is also perfect during rainy seasons, especially when you catch the flu due to inclement weather.

Calamansi juice is known for its medicinal properties, which are ideal for illness due to its contents like Vitamin C and A that can boost your immune system.

It’s easy to prepare at home, as you only need water, calamansi, and some calamansi or sugar to balance out the sourness.

Days like this really give you an urge to chill and enjoy a cup of one of these relaxing drinks. How about you? Do you have your own drink that you enjoy during the rainy season?