Wednesday, April 24, 2024

PAGEONE Socials Kicks Off This Year With ‘Mocktails And Charcuterie Workshop’


PAGEONE Socials Kicks Off This Year With ‘Mocktails And Charcuterie Workshop’


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Leading public relations firm PAGEONE hosted its first PAGEONE Socials this year by showcasing elegance and creativity through employee engagement with its “Mocktails and Charcuterie Workshop.”

On March 12, PAGEONE Socials gathered PAGEONEites to witness and have full-time experience in making mocktails and charcuterie, nurturing their knowledge about elegant cuisine.

“We’re back with another PAGEONE Socials to once again gather employees for an engaging and fun event. Just like the previous gatherings, this workshop is not bound to only deepen the knowledge of the employees but also to enhance the relationships in the company. With its fruitful impact on employees, we are set to craft another PAGEONE Socials this year,” PAGEONE President Vonj Tingson said.

During the workshop, employees were able to learn a brief history behind the trend of mocktails and charcuterie and how these consumable goods became an inclination for a wealthy food service.

Besides developing knowledge in this field, the employees were also excitedly engaged during the workshop as they were trained individually by an instructor for them to have first-hand experience in making mocktails and charcuterie.

The said exclusive event was attended by almost all the employees; even those who are far from the PAGEONE headquarters were able to join the fun virtually, showcasing how the company values its team, even those who are in a remote setup.

The continuous positive impact of PAGEONE Socials on the employees is one of the factors that drives the company to have a seasoned team of professionals. With this, PAGEONE is bound to host more exclusive events for its employees, not only to build relationships but also to hone their creativity and knowledge, which can help support clients.

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