Saturday, June 15, 2024

PAGEONE Group Excels In BBCOMM’s Advertising Media Planning And Buying Workshop


PAGEONE Group Excels In BBCOMM’s Advertising Media Planning And Buying Workshop


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BBComm initiated a specialized two-day workshop exclusively for members of the PAGEONE Group, dedicated to the complex art of advertising media planning. This intensive session was spearheaded by the esteemed former Managing Partner of Havas Ortega, Ms. Hermie de Leon, along with a cadre of seasoned professionals renowned in the field.

The two-day workshop aimed to equip PAGEONE Group with advanced insights and practical skills, fostering a deeper understanding of strategic media placement and optimization.

As they imparted their exceptional knowledge and experiences, they discussed several highlights, including the contrast between new and traditional media, the exploration of finding true data, and the dynamics of competing for media attention.

Participants benefited from the collective expertise of industry leaders, ensuring they were well-prepared to navigate the dynamic landscape of advertising.

The initial day of the workshop proved enlightening, with employees gaining knowledge on brand visibility, strategies for expanding consumer outreach, and methods for sustaining it.

On the second day, the team faced a test of their media planning skills, during the presentation of their knowledge gained from the intensive workshop. The team was divided into groups uniting their individual strengths in the training. Each member contributed their utmost, tapping into their creativity and engaging in profound reflection to brainstorm ideas.

PAGEONE Group has acquired extensive knowledge of the intricacies involved in advertising media planning and purchasing, which has laid the groundwork for continued advancements and creativity in media within the country.