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Moments Of Love Treats For Singles And Other Forms Of Love This Valentine’s

Moments Of Love Treats For Singles And Other Forms Of Love This Valentine’s


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Macarons lovingly crafted as offers to single ladies this Valentine’s season has been whipped up by quirky budding pastry chef Allyza Cepeda of Jane Dough Desserts.

Dubbed as Moments of Love, the selection features unique flavors that evoke different emotions and memories.

Cepeda, who honed her culinary skills at the School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management (SHRIM) of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, dedicates Thirsty Tita to those who have yet to meet the one, as well as to those who find joy in being single.

The French meringue-based dessert features a creamy ganache filling infused with Peach Soju, a sweet taste of Korea’s most popular distilled spirit. A mouthwatering gelée made of the fruit-flavored liquor are sandwiched to complete the delightful boozy experience.

“’Mag-asawa ka na kasi (you should get married already)’ is a phrase I hear my relatives tease those who are now in their late 20s or early 30s,” Cepeda started. “Is there even a deadline in finding love?”

Dedicated to those who are in an ambiguous relationship, It’s Complicated brings a complementing combination of whipped coconut ganache filling and strawberry confiture center.

The classic macaron likewise takes a unique savory turn in May Toyo. Featuring an unconventional yet exquisite blend of soy sauce and milk chocolate, this innovative version is a nod a common line during a lover’s quarrel: Tinotoyo ka na naman ba? (Are you in a bad mood again?)

Taking inspiration from the beauty of flowers gifted during heart’s day, the delicate Dream of Rose comes with a rose-infused ganache filling and a lychee-raspberry confiture center.

Ludus, on the other hand, brings back the nostalgic kilig with its playful serving of textured milk chocolate ganache dipped in Auro 64% dark chocolate pinipig (rice crispies) glaze.

Potchi, one of Cepeda’s all-time bestsellers and her gourmet take on the 90s kids’ favorite candy, is a recollection to first crushes. It comes with the iconic strawberry marshmallow filling and strawberry confiture center.

“I believe that Valentine’s Day is not only for romantic relationships, but also for those who found love in other aspects in life – pets, plants, music, art, reading, cooking and many more.”

She likewise emphasized the value of self-love. “We experience different kinds of love,” she reiterated. “This Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate and buy flowers and chocolates for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that!”

“There’s kilig, confusion, and heartbreak, and then there’s also something for those who are experiencing different forms of love,” Cepeda explained. “I wanted to include everyone no matter what their romantic status is because love is for everyone.”

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