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Graduate In Style With 6 Filipina Influencers and Celebrities


Graduate In Style With 6 Filipina Influencers and Celebrities


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The silver lining in the four, or more, years of hunching over a laptop and staying up late at night is knowing that in the end, we will have all the time to be glammed up for graduation. Not even if, but especially because we will be wearing togas.

College graduation is more than just a culmination of years of labor invested in the love of learning. It is a rite of passage that lays a new chapter at our feet: adulthood. Adulthood, with its heavier and added responsibilities, can strike our ears with the most ringing worries. But it does not have to be scary!

With makeup and styling, adulthood can be that one song we randomly discovered after-hours and have loved ever since. As a first step, we have celebrities and influencers to turn to for inspiration.

Jillian Saberon

Let’s start strong: Jill proves that a sleek graduation outfit does not have to put ruffles against straight cuts. If anything, combining them complements each other! Try a monochromatic palette so no one misses your medals, diploma, and certificates!

Rianne Motas

A sweetheart dress rendered in white silk will bring a doll to life, even against a naturally existing backdrop. Our bestie Ri shows that a touch of sparkle from dangling earrings can make a doll shimmer throughout the whole place!

Heaven Peralejo

Heaven unapologetically steals the crowd’s breath away with a body-fitting dress in a fierce ruby. Put on bold makeup, chin up, and flaunt that you’ve nailed the definitions!

Claudia Barretto

A baro’t saya made of piña fabric and butterfly sleeves meet a modern silhouette in Claudia’s blushing two-piece graduation outfit. Look more elegant with jewelry crafted from nature’s finest gift: pearls.

Maloi Ricalde

Graduating, but the school mandates the uniform as the attire? No worries! Our BINI idol Maloi effortlessly rocks that exact ensemble, complete with a patterned necktie and skirt, and a long-sleeved polo. Add the right amount of color to your face, and you have a graduation look for the ages.

Colet Vergara

Joining Maloi in copping the uniform for the graduation look is another BINI idol, Colet. Don’t be afraid to put on a glittery highlighter around the eye because a few glimmers never hurt anyone!

Now that you’re primed and ready, the last step is to walk towards that stage. Make sure to smile! You’ve come a long way to get there.

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