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Iloilo City Regulates Fireworks, Pyrotechnic Devices

Iloilo City Regulates Fireworks, Pyrotechnic Devices


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The local government here on Monday issued an order regulating the sale, distribution, manufacture, and use of fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices in the city this holiday season.

“In anticipation of holiday celebrations, it is expected that as part of Filipino traditions, the use of fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices would most likely be conducted,” Executive Order 145 signed by Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas on December 6 said.

The order has allowed the display and selling of fireworks and other pyrotechnics devices in designated display zones from Dec. 18 to 31.

These include the Circumferential Road 1 corner Jocson Street, corner of Iloilo East Coast–Capiz Road, and Muelle Loney along the Riverside in front of the statue of Muelle Loney.

The display zones have to be separated from each other by a firewall, and these should have a ready fire extinguisher.

Further, smoking within 15 meters and testing are not allowed.

Using stoves, explosive flames, and electrical heaters in the display zone is also prohibited.

On the other hand, a portion of the Iloilo River Esplanade in Barangay Progreso Lapuz has been declared as an authorized venue for fireworks/pyrotechnic display provided that they comply with conditions necessary and have permits coming from concerned government offices.

The following are prohibited: explosives with ingredient contents of over three teaspoons; those that endanger life and limb such as atomic big triangulo, super lolo and their equivalent; those using sulfur and/or phosphorous mixed with chlorates; those without permits; and Class 4 fireworks that are used by persons not qualified as licensed pyrotechnicians and/or licensed fireworks display operators.

Class 4 fireworks are those that do not meet the requirements of Classes 1, 2, and 3 or those that are suitable for use inside domestic buildings, for outdoor or relatively confined areas, and for outdoor use in large open spaces, respectively.

“It shall be the responsibility of the manufacturers, dealers, retailers, fireworks display operators, those intending to conduct a fireworks and pyrotechnic device exhibition, those who intend to transport fireworks and pyrotechnic devices to secure the necessary permits, licenses, and to pay the necessary fees,” the order added.

The order also expressly prohibits the selling to minors, and the seller can demand an identification card from the buyer as proof of age.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing area must be at least 300 meters away from the residential area if not from the closest wall and must have adequate safety measures.

The Bureau of Fire Protection, Philippine National Police, Iloilo City Public Safety and Traffic Management Office, and barangay officials have been tasked to conduct inspections and ensure that the EO is implemented.

“This holiday season, let us protect the welfare of our family and the community, especially on the use of fireworks,” Treñas added. (PNA)

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