Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Human Nature Unveils Its Secret To Success, Celebrating Its 15th Year In The Industry


Human Nature Unveils Its Secret To Success, Celebrating Its 15th Year In The Industry


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Striving in its 15th year, local beauty brand Human Nature reminisces about its journey to success as it launches its four newest products that enhance skin glow in an eco-friendly way.

On October 18, Human Nature officially unveiled its new facial products that are well-formulated to combine materials that are good not only for those who have sensitive skin but also for the environment.

Human Nature’s new products include hyaluronic acid gel, ceramide night cream, sunflower beauty oil, and calamansi radiance serum, which were disclosed to be made particularly for people who are particular when it comes to products that they use for their faces.

During the launch, Human Nature’s heads, Camille Meloto, Anna Meloto-Wilk, and Co-Founder and Chairman, Dylan Wilk, shared how they have achieved such a milestone due to their employees, which is why they bring back their services and dedication through their initiatives.

The owners of the company disclosed that their organization has different policies, such as a ‘no firing policy’ and mandatory weekends off for employees to sustain the needs of the employees’ families or dependents, as they also know the struggle of such a problem, noting that they also started from scratch before the company became known to the public.

Providing a safe place to its employees was disclosed by the owners to be its key takeaway from staying long in the industry because their team has the motivation to help them formulate new products for their business.

“We believe that when we value our employees, there will always be a return to the work that they will show to the company,” Anna Wilk said.

Having a booming business even after 15 years, Human Nature promised during its launch that it would continue providing products that would help an individual glow in a natural way.

Also, they want to continue their legacy of encouraging more organizations to come up with products and services that will also benefit the environment and help not just Filipinos but also people worldwide.

Since 2007, Human Nature has promoted products that do not use any plastic in their packaging as an initiative to take a step towards the plastic waste issue in the country.

Moreover, they also started to prevent the method of animal testing, which is common in products that correspond to the skin of individuals, noting that animals and humans may have the same reaction to such products.

With these initiatives, Human Nature has received accreditation from an international organization such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for taking a step toward eliminating animal cruelty and plastic waste.

The said products will soon be available on the market and unveiled to formulate more products that are perfect for individuals with sensitive skin.