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How Plus-Size Women Should Find Love, According To This TikToker


How Plus-Size Women Should Find Love, According To This TikToker


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Liezl Chu, a Pinay TikToker and a self-proclaimed plus-size herself, recently sparked a viral conversation on TikTok with her candid views on the challenges plus-size women face in the dating scene.

In her video, Chu emphasized the societal biases against larger women, suggesting that they have a harder time finding their ideal partner compared to their slimmer counterparts.

Addressing the prevalent stereotypes, Chu bravely tackled the misconception that slim women have a higher chance of attracting romantic interest, citing her own observations.

“Kung physically malaki kang babae, mataba ka, like me, the chances of you finding your ideal high-value prince charming gradually decreases,” she said.

She acknowledged the pressure plus-size women often feel to conform to certain beauty standards, which can affect their confidence and dating prospects.

“Ang mga matatabang babae, usually ang mga napapansin ko, ay walang self-confidence… Di na kayo nag-improve sa personality, sa pananamit…”

Despite the obstacles, Chu encouraged fellow plus-size women to prioritize self-improvement and self-love in their journey to finding love. She shared her personal efforts to enhance various aspects of her life, including physical fitness, fashion sense, communication skills, and self-confidence.

“Right now, I’m going to the gym. I have improved my weight. I have improved the way I dress, the way I talk. In-improve ko kung paano makipag-usap sa strangers. Inimprove ko ‘yung knowledge ko,” Chu proudly shared.

In closing, Chu acknowledged the harsh reality of dating as a plus-size woman but remained optimistic about the possibility of finding true love. Her honest and empowering message resonated with her viewers, sparking a meaningful conversation about body positivity and acceptance in relationships.

As of this writing, the video garnered over 122.4K reactions and 18.8K saved on TikTok.


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