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Have All-Out Fun With Human Nature’s Sunny Must-Haves


Have All-Out Fun With Human Nature’s Sunny Must-Haves


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The season everyone’s been counting down for is finally coming in 3, 2, 1– it’s summertime! It’s the perfect time to make new core memories with your loved ones and bask in the beauty of nature. With all the things you can do under the summer sun, you can go all out on filling your bucket list with adventures that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

While you look forward to sunnier days, this also comes with the worry over the risks and discomforts caused by the blazing summer heat. According to PAG-ASA, 2024 is expected to be the warmest year recorded. This makes it all the more important for you to choose a skin-caring companion that’s safe, natural, and effective!

There’s No Holding Back This Summer

Go all out this summer with genuinely natural care from Human Nature, your skincare bestie that looks out for you, your loved ones, and our planet. We’ve listed down trusty summer essentials from Human Nature that you can take with you no matter which adventure you choose!

Stay sun-kissed, not sunburnt

Don’t let the scorching sun beat down on your glow, make sure to shield yourself from sunburn! Not only does excessive sun exposure damage your skin and cause you discomfort, but it will also affect you in the long run, making you prone to wrinkles, discoloration, and even skin cancer.

Chill by the shore or the poolside without the risk of sunburn by opting for a water-resistant sunscreen that has a broad-spectrum PA++++ rating that blocks skin-aging UVA rays and SPF30 which protects you against skin-burning UVB rays. Get Human Nature’s SafeProtect SPF30 PA++++ Sunscreen (₱349.75), the #1 natural, reef-safe sunscreen that’s free from harmful chemicals, making it good for your skin and sea life! This sunscreen doesn’t contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, two coral-damaging ingredients that are banned in beach-paradise countries like ours such as Hawaii, Palau, and Thailand. There’s also SafeProtect for Babies & Kids (₱349.75), a sunscreen that’s specially formulated for kiddos, which provides their delicate skin some extra care so they’re not left out of the summer fun.

Don’t sweat the sweat

With the summer heat comes sweat, sweat, and did we mention sweat? Sweating causes unwanted stickiness and odors, and it can even result in clogged pores and acne breakouts which can put a damper on your summer fun.

Don’t sweat the sweat by keeping yourself cool and clean with Human Nature’s Cooling Body Cleanser (starts at ₱199.75) and take in its relaxing scent of rosemary, lemon, and mint paired with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. Complete your cooldown routine with the Cooling Lotion (₱259.75) to keep your skin nourished and supple.

Turn down the heat, turn up the chill

Hot and humid days put you at risk of heat exhaustion, which could complicate your health and your vacay planning. You don’t have to say goodbye to fun summer activities, you just gotta take some time to chill! Pamper yourself after a hot day with Human Nature’s Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub (₱499.00) to detoxify and scrub away impurities, then wind down with the Cooling Leg & Body Cream (₱395.00) to revitalize tired arms and legs. Add this duo to your staycation TLC kit for a soothing spa experience.

Fight the Frizz

You always want your hair to look luscious and photo-ready on your summer trips, but the humid climate can make your mane hard to tame! Fight hair dryness and frizz with natural hair care essentials. Feel the nourishing touch of virgin coconut oil with Human Nature’s Hair Revival Coco Mask (₱349.75), and watch your tresses bounce back from damage caused by the weather. For daily hair protection, use our Smoothing & Nourishing Hair Serum (₱229.75) to shield your locks from daily stressors so you can confidently flaunt shiny and frizz-free hair!

Hydrate on the go

Don’t be afraid to fill your summer itineraries with thrilling outdoor fun-ventures despite the blistering temperature. Hydrate on the go with Hyaluronic Face Mist (₱250.00) for instantly refreshed and hydrated skin. It contains the skincare superstar hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for combating the drying heat. Pair it with the Conditioning Hair Mist (₱249.75) to protect your strands from damage, and to keep it feeling and smelling fresh all day!

Hands-on protection

From road trips to food trips, you can enjoy your outdoor plans stress-free by protecting yourself against bugs and bacteria that thrive in the heat. Stay safe and sanitized with pocket-friendly protectors! During nature adventures, armor yourself against bug bites with citronella-infused Skin Shield Oil (starts at ₱119.75). For convenient sanitation, spritz on our Cool Burst Spray Sanitizer (starts at ₱72.75) to keep your hands germ-free and hydrated, whenever and wherever!

Pack light, pack right

Vacation preps need not be a hassle as long as you’re packing right! Keep your baggage light, spill-proof, and plastic bottle-free by opting for bars. Freshen up your face with our Balancing Face Bar (₱179.75), which will keep your oiliness and pH balance in check! Wash away all the dirt and dust with our Cleansing Bar (₱94.75), coupled with our Moisturizing Shampoo Bar (starts at ₱149.75) to keep your skin and hair clean and hydrated. These bars are a bang for your buck as they’re space-saving, cost-saving, and planet-friendly too!

Sun’s out, all out

The forecast is sunny skies and hassle-free days ahead this summer season because Human Nature’s got you covered! This skin-caring ally that loves your skin and takes care of the planet is sure to make your warm, sun-kissed spirit glow! Enjoy making core memories with your family and friends knowing that a genuinely natural bestie is there to help you make a summer to remember.

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